Author: Balraj Singh |  Citation: ENSDF |  Cutoff date: 31-AUG-2014 

Author: Balraj Singh |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 105, 223 (2005) |  Cutoff date: 22-Jun-2005 

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Q(β-)=7575 keV 4S(n)= 6288 keV 3S(p)= 17040 keV SYQ(α)= -12460 keV SY
Reference: 2012WA38

  A  Coulomb Excitation 

General Comments:

1981Ru07, 1986Ek01, 1986Gi07, 1987Wi13: 80Zn produced and identified in 235U(n,F) reaction and subsequent mass separation (1987Wi13,1986Gi07) or chemical separation (1986Ek01,1981Ru07). Thermo-chromatographic technique was also employed for isotopic identification (1981Ru07)

2010Ho12: 9Be(86Kr,X) E=140 MeV/nucleon; fully-ionized 86Kr beam, A1900 fragment separator at NSCL facility using Bρ-ΔE-Bρ method. After separation, the mixed beam was implanted into the NSCL β-counting system (BCS) consisting of stacks of Si PIN detectors, a double-sided Si strip detector (DSSD) for implantation of ions, and six single-sided Si strip detectors (SSSD) followed by two Si PIN diodes. The identification of each implanted event was made from energy loss, time-of-flight information and magnetic rigidity. The implantation detector measured time and position of ion implantations and β decays. Neutrons were detected with NERO detector. Measured β- and βn-correlated events with ion implants; half-life of 80Zn and delayed-neutron emission probability.

2014Xu07: 80Zn nuclide produced in 9Be(238U,F) reaction with a 238U86+ beam of 345 MeV/nucleon produced by the RIKEN accelerator complex. Identification of 80Zn nuclei was made on the basis of magnetic rigidity, time-of-flight and energy loss of the fragments (ΔE-Bρ-tof method) using BigRIPS fragment separator and and ZeroDegree Spectrometer (ZDS) at RIBF-RIKEN facility. Based on α/Q spectrum and Z versus α/Q plot. Measured heavy fragment, β and γ spectra using wide-range active silicon strip stopper array (WAS3ABi) for β and ion detection, and EUROBALL-RIKEN Cluster array for γ detection. Decay curves were obtained from time differences between implantation and correlated β decays

2013Le20: 238U(70Zn,X), E=460 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-coin using PRISMA magnetic spectrometer to select fragments, and AGATA array for γ detection; deduced excitation energies for Zn isotopes. Detailed results from this and a related 2007De37 work are not yet available

2008Ba54: measured mass using the ISOLTRAP mass spectrometer

2008Ha23: measured mass using the JYFLTRAP mass spectrometer

2002AoZZ: measured production cross section in 9Be(86Kr,X) E=66 MeV/nucleon

Nuclear structure (theory) calculations: 2014Ka03, 2013Ri08, 2012Si08, 2012Sr02, 2011Ji08, 2004Li64

Q-value: Estimated uncertainties (2012Wa38): 400 for S(p), 500 for Q(α)

Q-value: S(2n)=10308 3, S(2p)=32100 800 (syst), Q(β-n)=2828 3 (2012Wa38)

XREFJπ(level) T1/2(level)E(γ)
     0A 0+ 561.9 ms 30 
% β- = 100
% β-n = 1.0 5
  1492 1 A 2+ 0.52 ps 11    1492 1 

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Additional Gamma Data:

MultipolarityAdditional Data
  1492 2+ 0.52 ps 11    1492 1 [E2]B(E2)(W.u.)=7.2 16

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Additional Level Data and Comments:

     00+ 561.9 ms 30 
% β- = 100
% β-n = 1.0 5
In 2010Ho12, a total of 5043 implants were detected, and 45 correlated βn coincidences were observed.

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Additional Gamma Comments:


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