Author: T. W. Burrows |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 108, 923 (2007) |  Cutoff date: 20-Feb-2007 

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Q(β-)=-1.74×104 keV SYS(n)= 1.63×104 keV SYS(p)= 1.9×103 keV SYQ(α)= -7.7×103 keV SY
Reference: 2012WA38

General Comments:

1992Bo37, 1993BoZO: Ni(58Ni,X) E=69 MeV/nucleon. GANIL/LISE3. Measured p’s and T1/2(p). Si detector telescope; tof, energy loss in Si detector telescope.

2001Gi01: Ni(58Ni,X) E=74.5 MeV/nucleon. GANIL/SISSI. Measured p’s, γ’s, pγ-coincidences, and T1/2(p). Si detector telescope, Ge detector and Ge clovers, silicon and Si(Li) veto detectors; tof, energy loss in Si detector telescope.

2003Au02 suggest a state at 770 keV 100 with Jπ=3/2+ and possibly decaying by IT decay based on systematics

Q-value: Note: Current evaluation has used the following Q record

Q-value: Q(εp)=15.78 MeV 52 (2003Au03. Systematics)

Q-value: Q(ε2p)=10.68 MeV 26 (syst) from Δ(47Fe)=-6620 keV 260 (syst), Δ(1H)=7288.97050 keV 11, and Δ(45V)=-31880 keV 17 (2003Au03).

Jπ(level) T1/2(level)
  0.0 (7/2-) 21.8 ms 7 
% ε = 100
% EC2P = ?
% εp > 0

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Additional Level Data and Comments:


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