Author: T. W. Burrows |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 108, 923 (2007) |  Cutoff date: 20-Feb-2007 

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Q(β-)=1.050×104 keV 9S(n)= 3.55×103 keV 8S(p)= 1.869×104 keV 19Q(α)= -1.544×104 keV 9
Reference: 2012WA38

  A  2H(46Ar,p) 

General Comments:

1995So03: 64Ni(48Ca,X) E=60 MeV/nucleon. 116 mg/cm2 target. Selection by LISE3 spectrometer. Additional energy loss selection (A3/Z2) by means of 220 μm wedge-shaped aluminum. Identification by ΔE-tof technique (two Si detectors). One Si detector served for implantation and detection of correlated β-decay. 4π 3He-α(p) detector for neutrons.

2004Gr20,2003Gr22: Be(48Ca,X) E=60 MeV/nucleon. 530 μm-thick Be target; selection by LISE3 spectrometer. Particle identification by ΔE-tof technique. Residual energy measured in double-sided Si-strip implantation detector (DSSD). Measured β-’s (two plastic scintillators on either side of the DSDD).

2004We09: produced by a pulsed beam of 1.4 GeV protons (3×1013 protons/pulse) from the PSB accelerator impinging on a standard ISOLDE uranium carbide graphite target, heated to about 1900|’ C. The reaction products diffused from the heated target and effused via a low-temperature, water-cooled transfer line to a standard FEBIAD MK-7 plasma ion source, where the ionization by plasma discharge took place. α tungsten converter was placed parallel to the target, allowing one to switch to the neutron irradiation of the target by changing the focus of the proton beam from the target to the converter. Measured Eγ, Eβ, Iγ, Iβ, γγ- and βγ-coin, and T1/2 using two Ge detectors and four 1.5-mm thick plastic detectors (for detecting β-’s).

Others: 1985Be50, 1985Gu14, and 1990Tu01

Q-value: Note: Current evaluation has used the following Q record

Q-value: Q(β-n)=1.44 MeV 10 (syst)

Q-value: Q(2β-)=16.43 MeV 10 (syst)

Q-value: Δ=-25.3 MeV 2 (2006Ga30. 2H(46Ar,47Ar) E=10 MeV/nucleon) compared to -25.19 MeV 10 (2003Au03)

XREFJπ(level) T1/2(level)
     0A (3/2)- 1.23 s 3 
% β- = 100
% β-n < 0.2
  1130 75 A 1/2-,3/2-  
  1740 95 A 5/2-,7/2-  
  2655 80 A  
  3335 80 A  
  3985 85 A  
  4790 95 A  
  5500 85 A 7/2+,9/2+  
     6.20E+3 10 A  

Jπ(level): From L(n) in 2H(46Ar,p), except as noted

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