Author: Balraj Singh |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 156, 70 (2019) |  Cutoff date: 31-Jan-2019 

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Q(β-)=-1180 keV SYS(n)= 5570 keV SYS(p)= 2920 keV SYQ(α)= 9160 keV 30
Reference: 2017WA10,2017OG01

  A  286Nh α decay (9.5 S) 

General Comments:

282Rg produced as α great grand-daughter of 294Ts in the studies carried out at FLNR-Dubna-JINR (2010Og01, 2011Og04, 2011Og07, 2012Og06, 2013Og04,2013Og01) and at GSI (2014Kh04). See 294Ts Adopted Levels for details of six correlated decay chains assigned to 294Ts decay, which terminate in SF decay of 270Db.

One EVR-α-SF correlated decay chain reported by 2011Og04, three by 2013Og04 and 2012Og06, and two by 2014Kh04, all starting with the decay of 294Ts and ending in SF-decaying 270Db nuclide in Dubna work (2013Og04, 2011Og04) and in SF-decaying 266Lr in GSI work (2014Kh04). 2011Og07 and 2012OgZZ are also related reports for the Dubna work. See Adopted Levels for 294Ts for details of above three studies.

For theoretical studies, consult Nuclear Science References (NSR) database at NNDC, BNL for 48 primary references dealing with the half-lives and other aspects of nuclear structure in this mass region

Q-value: Estimated uncertainties (2017Wa10): ΔQ(β-)=930, ΔS(n)=1040, ΔS(p)=870, ΔQ(α)=210

Q-value: Q(α) from 2017Og01, from Eα=8.86-9.05. Other: 9640 210 (syst, 2017Wa10)

Q-value: S(2n)=12230 840 (syst,2017Wa10). S(2p)=7670 (theory,1997Mo25)

XREF T1/2(level)
  0A 100 s +70-30 
% SF = ?
% α ≈ 100

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Additional Level Data and Comments:

  0 100 s +70-30 
% SF = ?
% α ≈ 100
Only the α-decay mode has been observed.
E(level): Only the α-decay mode has been observed.

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