Author: Balraj Singh |  Citation: ENSDF |  Cutoff date: 31-AUG-2008 

Authors: Ashok K. Jain and Anwesha Ghosh, Balraj Singh |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 107, 1075 (2006) |  Cutoff date: 15-Apr-2006 

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Q(β-)=5.80×103 keV 12S(n)= 5.4×103 keV SYS(p)= 9.9×103 keV SYQ(α)= -2.9×103 keV SY
Reference: 2012WA38

General Comments:

2006SaZS (also 2006SaZZ): 165Eu identified U(p,X) at E(p)=24 MeV on target of natural uranium in the form of uranium carbide. The fission fragments mass separated as metallic ions and implanted on to tape tape transport system. Measured β, βγ coin, γγ coin. The 165Eu isotope identified by observing K-x rays of Gd. The isotopic half-life was measured in 2006SaZS by timing of Gd Kα x rays

2007Ha57 (same group as 2006SaZS): source prepared by 238U(p,F) at E(p)=32 MeV at JAEA facility. Fission products were ionized and separated online using Tokai-ISOL mass separator. Measured Q(β-)) using total absorption gamma-ray spectrometer of BGO detector.

Deduced mass excess=-50670 510 (2007Ha57), value includes systematic predictions of 2003Au03. Other: mass excess=-50560 700 (syst,2003Au03)

Q-value: Note: Current evaluation has used the following Q record

Q-value: Δ(S(n))=920, Δ(S(p))=1060, Δ(Q(α))=860 (syst,2003Au03)

Q-value: Q(β-n)=1110 810 (syst,2003Au03)

  0.0 2.3 s 2 
% β- = 100

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