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2001IW05      Phys.Rev. C64, 054609 (2001)

Y.Iwata, T.Murakami, H.Sato, H.Iwase, T.Nakamura, T.Kurosawa, L.Heilbronn, R.M.Ronningen, K.Ieki, Y.Tozawa, K.Niita

Double-Differential Cross Sections for the Neutron Production from Heavy-Ion Reactions at Energies E/A = 290-600 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS C, Cu, Pb(C, nX), (Ne, nX), (Ar, nX), E=290-600 MeV/nucleon; measured neutron spectra, σ(En, θ), integrated σ; deduced equilibrium and pre-equilibrium components, related reaction mechanism features. Comparison with moving-source model predictions.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.64.054609
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