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2023WA22      Chin.Phys.C 47, 084001 (2023)

C.-J.Wang, G.Guo, H.J.Ong, Y.-N.Song, B.-H.Sun, I.Tanihata, S.Terashima, X.-L.Wei, J.-Y.Xu, X.-D.Xu, J.-C.Zhang, Yo.Zheng, L.-H.Zhu, Y.Cao, G.-W.Fan, B.-S.Gao, J.-X.Han, G.-S.Li, C.-G.Lu, H.-T.Qi, Y.Qin, Z.-Y.Sun, L.-P.Wan, K.-L.Wang, S.-T.Wang, X.-X.Wang, M.-X.Zhang, W.-W.Zhang, X.-B.Zhang, X.-H.Zhang, Z.-C.Zhou

Charge-changing cross section measurements of 300 MeV/nucleon 28Si on carbon and data analysis

NUCLEAR REACTIONS C(28Si, X), E=304 MeV/nucleon; measured reaction products; deduced σ. Comparison with available data. The second Radioactive Ion Beam Line in Lanzhou (RIBLL2).

doi: 10.1088/1674-1137/acd366
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2023YA10      Phys.Rev. C 107, 044603 (2023)

G.Yang, D.Y.Pang, Y.Y.Yang, K.Wang, F.F.Duan, X.X.Wang, Z.Y.Sun

Systematic single-folding model nucleus-nucleus potential for peripheral collisions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 16O(9Be, 9Be), E=20-157.7 MeV;27Al(9Be, 9Be), E=12-158.2 MeV;28Si(9Be, 9Be), E=13-201.6 MeV;40Ca(9Be, 9Be), E=45-158.1 MeV;60Ni(9Be, 9Be), E=158.2 MeV;64Zn(9Be, 9Be), E=19-28.97 MeV;80Se(9Be, 9Be), E=20.94-32.76 MeV;120Sn(9Be, 9Be), E=25.96-49.96 MeV;144Sm(9Be, 9Be), E=30.0-48.0 MeV;197Au(9Be, 9Be), E=36.94-158.2 MeV;208Pb(9Be, 9Be), E=37.8-88.00 MeV;209Bi(9Be, 9Be), E=37.8-48.0 MeV; analyzed experimental data on elastic scattering angular distributions of 9Be on different targets; deduced systematic nucleus-nucleus potential. 16O, 26Mg, 27Al, 28Si, 40Ca, 60Ni, 64Zn, 80Se, 89Y, 120Sn, 144Sm, 197Au, 208Pb, 209Bi(9Be, 9Be), E=12-158.2 MeV; 28Si, 40Ca, 54,56Fe, 58,60Ni, 64Zn, 89Y, 90Zr, 116,118Sn, 144Sm, 208Pb, 209Bi, 238U(7Li, 7Li), E=16-240; 16O, 26Mg, 28Si, 40Ca, 56Fe, 62Ni, 70Ge(14N, 14N), E=28-76 MeV; 124Sn, 208Pb(17O, 17O), E=340 MeV; 58Ni(20Ne, 20Ne), E=291, 340 MeV; 27Al(15N, 15N), E=32.82, 47.91, 62.07 MeV; 208Pb(24Ne, 24Ne), E=189.6 MeV; 27Al, 28Si, 56Fe, 92Zr, 116Sn(16O, 16O), E=31-64 MeV; 56Fe, 58Ni, 64Zn, 112,118,120Sn(18O, 18O), E=46-60 MeV; 64Zn, 208Pb, (10Be, 10Be), E=28-43 MeV; 64Zn, 208Pb, 209Bi, 197Au(11B, 11B), E=55-84 MeV; 28Si(13C, 13C), E=25, 60 MeV;16O, 40Ca, 56Fe, 60Ni, 66Zn, 88Sr, 92,100Mo, 138Ba, (14C, 14C), E=51, 64, 71 MeV; 58Ni(17F, 17F), E=43.5, 55.6, 62, 97 MeV; 208Pb(19F, 19F), E=96 MeV; 58Ni(8B, 8B), E=20.68-29.26 MeV; 12C(8B, 8B), E=25.8 MeV; 9Be(7Li, 7Li), E=24, 30 MeV; 9Be(6Li, 6Li), E=11.67, 20.0 MeV; 12C(6Li, 6Li), E=12.3 MeV; 12C(9Be, 9Be), E=14 MeV; 208Pb(8B, 8B), E=170, 178, 238 MeV; 208Pb(9C, 9C), E=227 MeV; calculated σ(θ). 27Al, 28Si, 58Ni, 59Co, 208Pb, 209Bi(6Li, 6Li), 28Si, 59Co, 208Pb(7Li, 7Li), 58Ni(7Be, 7Be), 28Si, 144Sm(9Be, 9Be), E=8-58 MeV; 12C, 28Si, 40Ca, 58Ni, 90Zr, 208Pb(6Li, 6Li), E=35 MeV/nucleon; 12C, 27Al, 64Zn, 93Nb, 107Ag, 118Sn, 150,154Sm, 181Ta, 208Pb(20Ne, 20Ne), E=30 MeV/nucleon; 12C, 27Al, 51V, 54Fe, 107Ag, 118Sn, 208Pb(40Ar, 40Ar), E=44 MeV/nucleon; calculated total σ. Comparison to experimental data and calculation results performed with Sao Paulo potential of version 2. Analysis is performed by using a single-folding model based on the Bruyeres Jeukenne-Lejeune-Mahaux model nucleon-nucleus potentials.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.107.044603
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2016LI03      Chin.Phys.C 40, 014101 (2016)

Q.-Y.Li, X.-X.Wang, Y.Zuo, Y.Zhang, F.Pan

Triaxial dynamics in the quadrupole-deformed rotor

doi: 10.1088/1674-1137/40/1/014101
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2016ZH19      Phys.Rev. C 93, 054330 (2016)

Y.Zhang, Q.-Y.Li, X.-X.Wang

Emergent spectral degeneracies in the quantum phase transitions in the interacting boson model

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 150Nd; calculated levels, J, π, E(first 4+)/E(first 2+), E(first 6+)/E(first 4+), E(second 0+)/E(first 2+), E(first 6+)/E(second 0+), E(first 10+)/E(third 0+), B(E2) using interacting boson mode (IBM). Discussed energy degeneracies in transitions between the U(5) and SU(3) quasidynamical symmetries (QDSs).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.93.054330
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