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1997AG02      Phys.Rev. C55, 1571 (1997)

V.V.Aguilar, P.O.Hess, J.G.Hirsch, A.E.Mariano

Testing Basic Assumptions of the Pseudosymplectic Model

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 160Dy, 168Er, 234,236,238U; calculated protons partition into normal, unique orbitals, scale factors for B(E2) transitions; deduced pseudosymplectic model assumptions validity.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.55.1571
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1991TR01      Z.Phys. A338, 261 (1991)

D.Troltenier, J.A.Maruhn, W.Greiner, V.V.Aguilar, P.O.Hess, J.H.Hamilton

Shape Transitions and Shape Coexistence in the Ru and Hg Chains

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 182,184,186,188,190,192,194,196Hg, 96,98,100,102,104,106,108Ru; calculated levels, B(λ), potential energy surfaces, quadrupole moments.

doi: 10.1007/BF01288188
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