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2006AL34      IEEE trans.nucl.sci. 53, 270 (2006)

J.Allison, K.Amako, J.Apostolakis, H.Araujo, P.Arce Dubois, M.Asai, G.Barrand, R.Capra, S.Chauvie, R.Chytracek, G.A.P.Cirrone, G.Cooperman, G.Cosmo, G.Cuttone, G.G.Daquino, M.Donszelmann, M.Dressel, G.Folger, F.Foppiano, J.Generowicz, V.Grichine, S.Guatelli, P.Gumplinger, A.Heikkinen, I.Hrivnacova, A.Howard, S.Incerti, V.Ivanchenko, T.Johnson, F.Jones, T.Koi, R.Kokoulin, M.Kossov, H.Kurashige, V.Lara, S.Larsson, F.Lei, O.Link, F.Longo, M.Maire, A.Mantero, B.Mascialino, I.McLaren, P.Mendez Lorenzo, K.Minamimoto, K.Murakami, P.Nieminen, L.Pandola, S.Parlati, L.Peralta, J.Perl, A.Pfeiffer, M.G.Pia, A.Ribon, P.Rodrigues, G.Russo, S.Sadilov, G.Santin, T.Sasaki, D.Smith, N.Starkov, S.Tanaka, E.Tcherniaev, B.Tome, A.Trindade, P.Truscott, L.Urban, M.Verderi, A.Walkden, J.P.Wellisch, D.C.Williams, D.Wright, H.Yoshida

Geant4 Developments and Applications

doi: 10.1109/TNS.2006.869826
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2000AP04      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. A453, 597 (2000)

J.Apostolakis, S.Giani, L.Urban, M.Maire, A.V.Bagulya, V.M.Grichine

An implementation of ionisation energy loss in very thin absorbers for the GEANT4 simulation package

NUCLEAR REACTIONS C, O, Ar(p, X), E=0.25 GeV; calculated ionisation energy loss distributions.

doi: 10.1016/s0168-9002(00)00457-5
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