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2003YA11      Nucl.Phys. A721, 348c (2003)

T.Yamanishi, H.Kitagawa, Y.Sakemi

Direct measurement of Δ u-bar/Δ d-bar using polarized Drell-Yan processes on meson-nucleon collisions

doi: 10.1016/S0375-9474(03)01066-2
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2001DO19      Phys.Lett. 520B, 99 (2001)

Y.-B.Dong, T.Morii, T.Yamanishi

Extraction of Polarized Gluon Distributions from Large-pT Light Hadron Pair Production

doi: 10.1016/S0370-2693(01)01122-4
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2000GO30      Phys.Rev. D62, 034017 (2000)

Y.Goto, N.Hayashi, M.Hirai, H.Horikawa, S.Kumano, M.Miyama, T.Morii, N.Saito, T.-A.Shibata, E.Taniguchi, T.Yamanishi, and the Asymmetry Analysis Collaboration

Polarized Parton Distribution Functions in the Nucleon

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1n, 1,2H(polarized e, e'X), E=high; analyzed asymmetry data. 1n, 1H deduced polarized parton distribution functions.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.62.034017
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1998MO03      Nucl.Phys. A629, 282c (1998)

T.Morii, D.Roy, K.Sudoh, Z.-X.Sun, S.Tanaka, T.Yamanishi

Color-Octet Mechanism in Low-p(T) ψ'-Productions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1H(polarized p, X), E(cm)=50 GeV; calculated ψ' production associated two-spin asymmetry A(LL).

doi: 10.1016/S0375-9474(97)00700-8
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1997OH07      Physica B237-238, 307 (1997)

T.Ohno, T.Kanashiro, Y.Yamada, T.Yamanishi, T.Tanaka, Y.Kishimoto, K.Nakamura, Y.Michihiro

59Co Spin-Lattice Relaxation in Superconductor CoSi2

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 59Co; measured NMR; deduced spin-lattice relaxation rate in CoSi2, superconducting properties.

doi: 10.1016/S0921-4526(97)00186-5
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1995MO38      Prog.Theor.Phys.(Kyoto), Suppl. 120, 231 (1995)

T.Morii, S.-C.Tanaka, T.Yamanishi

The Spin-Dependent Gluon Distribution in a Proton

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 1H; calculated polarized gluon distribution vs x.

doi: 10.1143/PTPS.120.231
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1994MO02      Phys.Lett. 322B, 253 (1994)

T.Morii, S.Tanaka, T.Yamanishi

Effects of the Large Gluon Polarization on xg1(d)(x) and J/(PSI) Productions at Polarized ep and pp Collisions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1H(polarized e, X), E=high; calculated spin-dependent J/(PSI) leptoproduction differential σ; deduced large gluon polarization role.

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 2H; calculated spin-dependent structure function; deduced large gluon polarization role.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(94)91116-9
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1992KO23      Phys.Rev. D46, 2854 (1992)

K.Kobayakawa, T.Morii, S.Tanaka, T.Yamanishi

Polarization of Partons in the Proton

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 1H; calculated structure function; deduced polarized gluons role.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.46.2854
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