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2007FO10      Nucl.Phys. A797, 1 (2007)

S.V.Fortsch, F.Cerutti, P.Colleoni, E.Gadioli, E.Gadioli Erba, A.Mairani, G.F.Steyn, J.J.Lawrie, F.D.Smit, S.H.Connell, R.W.Fearick, T.Thovhogi

Contributions of complete fusion and break-up-fusion to intermediate mass fragment production in the low energy interaction of 12C and 27Al

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 27Al(12C, X)7Be/9Be/10B/11B/11C/12C/13C/13N/14N/15N/16O/19F/22Ne/23Na/24Mg/26Mg/26Al/27Al/Si, E=156 MeV; 12C(27Al, X)7Be/9Be/10B/11B/11C/12C/13C/13N/14N/15N/16O/19F/22Ne/23Na/24Mg/26Mg/Si, E=348 MeV; measured intermediate mass fragment spectra, σ(θ, E) from fusion and fragmentation. Comparison with Boltzmann Master Equations theory.

doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2007.09.007
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