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2010PO04      Nature(London) 466, 213 (2010)

R.Pohl, A.Antognini, F.Nez, F.D.Amaro, F.Biraben, J.M.R.Cardoso, D.S.Covita, A.Dax, S.Dhawan, L.M.P.Fernandes, A.Giesen, T.Graf, T.W.Hansch, P.Indelicato, L.Julien, C.-Y.Kao, P.Knowles, E.-O.Le Bigot, Y.-W.Liu, J.A.M.Lopes, L.Ludhova, C.M.B.Monteiro, F.Mulhauser, T.Nebel, P.Rabinowitz, J.M.F.dos Santos, L.A.Schaller, K.Schuhmann, C.Schwob, D.Taqqu, J.F.C.A.Veloso, F.Kottmann

The size of the proton

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1H(μ-, X), E~5 keV; measured x-rays; deduced proton radius, Lamb shift. Comparison with CODATA.

doi: 10.1038/nature09250 Letter
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2006OK03      Phys.Lett. B 638, 450 (2006)

H.Okada, I.G.Alekseev, A.Bravar, G.Bunce, S.Dhawan, R.Gill, W.Haeberli, O.Jinnouchi, A.Khodinov, Y.Makdisi, A.Nass, N.Saito, E.J.Stephenson, D.N.Svirida, T.Wise, A.Zelenski

Measurement of the analyzing power AN in pp elastic in the CNI region with a polarized atomic hydrogen gass jet target

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1H(polarized p, X), E(cm)=13.7 GeV; measured analysing powers, momentum-transfer dependence. Comparison with Coulomb nuclear interference calculations.

doi: 10.1016/j.physletb.2006.06.008
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2005BR16      Nucl.Phys. B(Proc.Supp.) S146, 77 (2005)

A.Bravar, I.Alekseev, G.Bunce, S.Dhawan, R.Gill, H.Huang, W.Haeberli, G.Igo, O.Jinnouchi, A.Khodinov, A.Kponou, K.Kurita, Y.Makdisi, W.Meng, A.Nass, H.Okada, N.Saito, H.Spinka, E.Stephenson, D.Svirida, D.Underwood, C.Whitten, T.Wise, J.Wood, A.Zelenski

Spin Dependence in Polarized pp → pp and p C → p C Elastic Scattering at Very Low Momentum Transfer t at RHIC

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1H, C(polarized p, p), E=4-100 GeV; measured analyzing powers; deduced reaction mechanism features.

doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysbps.2005.02.066
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1990SO03      Phys.Rev.Lett. 65, 694 (1990)

P.A.Souder, R.Holmes, D.-H.Kim, K.S.Kumar, M.E.Schulze, K.Isakovich, G.W.Dodson, K.A.Dow, M.Farkhondeh, S.Kowalski, M.S.Lubell, J.Bellanca, M.Goodman, S.Patch, R.Wilson, G.D.Cates, S.Dhawan, T.J.Gay, V.W.Hughes, A.Magnon, R.Michaels, H.R.Schaefer

Measurement of Parity Violation in the Elastic Scattering of Polarized Electrons from 12C

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(polarized e, e), E=250 MeV; measured parity violating electroweak asymmetry.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.65.694
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