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2024AM03      Phys.Rev. C 109, 034603 (2024)

Sh.Amano, Y.Aritomo, M.Ohta

Effects of neck and nuclear orientations on the mass drift in heavy ion collisions

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.109.034603
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2023AM04      Phys.Rev. C 108, 014612 (2023)

S.Amano, Y.Aritomo, M.Ohta

Dynamical mechanism of fusion hindrance in heavy ion collisions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 208Pb(48Ca, X), E(cm)=180 MeV; calculated fusion probabilities in collision process, one-dimensional fusion barrier dependence on initial angular momentum, mass distribution of fission fragments, trajectory distribution and time evolution. Investigated fusion hindrance caused by the formation of the neck. Concluded that the fusion hindrance comes from the formation of the inner barrier due to the early denecking process. Dynamical model based on multidimensional Langevin equations.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.108.014612
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2023MU12      Phys.Rev. C 107, 064317 (2023)

M.Murata, T.Kawabata, S.Adachi, H.Akimune, S.Amano, Y.Fujikawa, T.Furuno, K.Inaba, Y.Ishii, S.Miyamoto, M.Tsumura, H.Utsunomiya

Photodisintegration cross section of 4He in the giant dipole resonance energy region

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 4He(γ, n), (γ, p), E=23-30 MeV; measured charged particles (p, t, 3He), charged particles trajectories; deduced σ(E), giant dipole resonance parameters. Comparison to other experimental results. Quasi-monoenergetic photon beam produced via the laser Compton scattering technique. TPC-based gaseous active target (MAIKo) at BL01 beamline of the NewSUBARU synchrotron radiation facility.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.107.064317
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2022AM06      Phys.Rev. C 106, 024610 (2022)

S.Amano, Y.Aritomo, M.Ohta

Modes of massive nucleon transfer appearing in quasifission processes for collisions of superheavy nuclei

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 249Bk(48Ca, X), E(cm)=213.05 MeV; calculated potential energy surfaces, fission fragments total kinetic energy distribution, trajectory distribution and time evolution, distribution of the deformation of fragments at scission point. Revealed existence of two quasifission modes arising from the different neck relaxation modes. Multidimensional dynamical model of nucleus-nucleus collisions based on the Langevin equations.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.106.024610
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2020AM05      Bull.Rus.Acad.Sci.Phys. 84, 1034 (2020)

S.Amano, Y.Aritomo, Y.Miyamoto, S.Ishizaki, M.Okubayashi

Modeling of Nuclear Reactions with Langevin Calculations

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 186W(48Ti, X), E(cm)=187.87 MeV. analyzed available data; calculated mass angle distribution and mass distribution, yields.

doi: 10.3103/S1062873820080067
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2020AR11      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 83, 545 (2020)

Y.Aritomo, S.Amano, M.Okubayashi, B.Yanagi, K.Nishio, M.Ohta

Estimation of Synthesizing New Superheavy Elements Using Dynamical Model

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 208Pb(70Zn, X)278Cn, 250Pu(48Ca, X)298Fl, E not given; analyzed available data. 298,300,304Fl; deduced survival probabilities using the dynamical and statistical models.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778820040043
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2017GH09      Phys.Rev. C 96, 044604 (2017); Erratum Phys.Rev. C 99, 059901 (2019)

I.Gheorghe, H.Utsunomiya, S.Katayama, D.Filipescu, S.Belyshev, K.Stopani, V.Orlin, V.Varlamov, T.Shima, S.Amano, S.Miyamoto, Y.-W.Lui, T.Kawano, S.Goriely

Photoneutron cross-section measurements in the 209Bi (γ, xn) reaction with a new method of direct neutron-multiplicity sorting

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 209Bi(γ, n), (γ, np), (γ, 2n), (γ, 2np), (γ, 3n), (γ, 3np), (γ, 4n), (γ, 4np), E=threshold-40 MeV; measured E(n), I(n), photoneutron σ(E) using quasimonochromatic laser Compton-scattering (LCS) γ-ray beams at the NewSUBARU synchrotron radiation facility at the University of Hyogo, and novel technique of direct neutron-multiplicity sorting method. Comparison with previous experimental data from Livermore and Saclay, and with bremsstrahlung data, and with theoretical calculations using the TALYS reaction code. Comparison with Hartree-Fock Bogoliubov plus quasiparticle random phase approximation (HFB+QRPA) with Gogny D1M interaction for both E1 and M1 components of the GDR. Discussed threshold behavior of photoneutron emission in terms of average neutron kinetic energy.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.96.044604
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetK2556.

2016HA11      Phys.Rev. C 93, 044313 (2016)

T.Hayakawa, T.Shizuma, S.Miyamoto, S.Amano, A.Takemoto, M.Yamaguchi, K.Horikawa, H.Akimune, S.Chiba, K.Ogata, M.Fujiwara

Spatial anisotropy of neutrons emitted from the 56Fe(γ, n)55Fe reaction with a linearly polarized γ-ray beam

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 56Fe(polarized γ, n), (polarized γ, γ'), E<16.7 MeV laser Compton scattered beam at NewSUBARU electron storage ring; measured neutron spectra by TOF method, angular distribution of neutrons, neutron azimuthal anisotropy. 55Fe; deduced levels, J, π.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.93.044313
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2014HO14      Phys.Lett. B 737, 109 (2014)

K.Horikawa, S.Miyamoto, T.Mochizuki, S.Amano, D.Li, K.Imasaki, Y.Izawa, K.Ogata, S.Chiba, T.Hayakawa

Neutron angular distribution in (γ, n) reactions with linearly polarized γ-ray beam generated by laser Compton scattering

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 197Au, 127I, Cu(polarized γ, n), E<16.7 MeV; measured reaction products, En, In, Eγ, Iγ; deduced yields, neutron angular distribution anisotropy. Comparison with available data.

doi: 10.1016/j.physletb.2014.08.024
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2008HA21      Phys.Rev. C 77, 068801 (2008)

T.Hayakawa, T.Shizuma, S.Miyamoto, S.Amano, K.Horikawa, K.Ishihara, M.Mori, K.Kawase, M.Kando, N.Kikuzawa, S.Chiba, T.Mochizuki, T.Kajino, M.Fujiwara

Half-life of the 164Ho by the (γ, n) reaction from laser Compton scattering gamma rays at the electron storage ring NewSUBARU

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 165Ho(γ, n), E=3.3-16.7 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ, half-life; calculated σ. 164Ho; deduced levels, J, π.

RADIOACTIVITY 164Ho(β+), (β-); measured Eγ, Iγ. 164Dy, 164Er; deduced levels, J, π.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.77.068801
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Data from this article have been entered in the XUNDL database. For more information, click here.

2005LI13      J.Nucl.Sci.Technol.(Tokyo) 42, 259 (2005)

D.Li, K.Imasaki, S.Miyamoto, S.Amano, T.Mochizuki

Experiment on Photonuclear Reaction Induced by Laser Compton Scattering Gamma-Ray

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 197Au(γ, n), E=spectrum; measured activation yield. Incident gammas from laser Compton scattering.

doi: 10.1080/18811248.2005.9726388
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