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2021AV04      Phys.Rev. D 104, 112007 (2021)

A.Avasthi, T.W.Bowyer, C.Bray, T.Brunner, N.Catarineu, E.Church, R.Guenette, S.J.Haselschwardt, J.C.Hayes, M.Heffner, S.A.Hertel, P.H.Humble, A.Jamil, S.H.Kim, R.F.Lang, K.G.Leach, B.G.Lenardo, W.H.Lippincott, A.Marino, D.N.McKinsey, E.H.Miller, D.C.Moore, B.Mong, B.Monreal, M.E.Monzani, I.Olcina, J.L.Orrell, S.Pang, A.Pocar, P.C.Rowson, R.Saldanha, S.Sangiorgio, C.Stanford, A.Visser

Kiloton-scale xenon detectors for neutrinoless double beta decay and other new physics searches

RADIOACTIVITY 134,136Xe(2β-); analyzed available data; deduced neutrinoless mode T1/2 limits.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.104.112007
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2019SA41      Phys.Rev. C 100, 024608 (2019)

R.Saldanha, H.O.Back, R.H.M.Tsang, T.Alexander, S.R.Elliott, S.Ferrara, E.Mace, C.Overman, M.Zalavadia

Cosmogenic production of 39Ar and 37Ar in argon

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 40Ar(n, 2n)39Ar, 40Ar(n, d)39Cl, 40Ar(n, 4n)37Ar, E=10-1000 MeV; measured Eβ using sensitive ultralow background proportional counters; deduced cross sections, production rates for 37Ar and 39Ar; estimated total cosmogenic production rates for 39Ar from cosmic ray neutrons, protons and muons at sea level. Comparison with previous experimental measurements, and different cross-section models: TALYS, TENDL-1015, MENDEL-2P and INCL++ (ABLA07). Natural Ar samples were irradiated with fast neutrons at the LANSCE WNR ICE-HOUSE II facility. Relevance to argon-based dark matter experiments.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 40Ar(γ, n), (p, pn), (n, 2n)39Ar, E=10-1000 MeV; 38Ar(nγ)39Ar, E=0.001 eV-10 MeV; 40Ar(γ, p), (n, d), (γ, 3n), (p, 2p), (μ, n)39Cl, E=10-1000 MeV; 40Ar(γ, 3n), (p, 3np)37Ar; 36Ar(n, γ)37Ar, E=0.001 eV-10 MeV; 38Ar(n, 2n), (γ, n), (p, np)37Ar; 40Ar(n, 4n), (γ, 3n), (p, 3np)37Ar; compiled experimental data for reactions, and compared to different cross section models such as TALYS and with evaluated data in ENDF/B-VIII.I to estimated total production rates of cosmogenic 37Ar and 39Ar.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.100.024608
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