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2011FR13      Phys.Rev. C 84, 037302 (2011)

N.Frank, D.Albertson, J.Bailey, T.Baumann, D.Bazin, B.A.Brown, J.Brown, P.A.DeYoung, J.E.Finck, A.Gade, J.Hinnefeld, R.Howes, M.Kasperczyk, B.Luther, W.A.Peters, A.Schiller, A.Smith, M.Thoennessen, J.A.Tostevin

Neutron-unbound states in 25, 26F

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 9Be(26Ne, 25F), (26Ne, 26F), E=86 MeV/nucleon; measured E(n), I(n) at NSCL. 25,26F; deduced levels, J, π, widths, resonances. 25F; calculated levels, J, π using shell-model.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.84.037302
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