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2024BE06      Phys.Rev.Lett. 132, 102501 (2024)

M.Beck, W.Heil, Ch.Schmidt, S.Baessler, F.Gluck, G.Konrad, U.Schmidt

Reanalysis of the β - ν-bare Angular Correlation Measurement from the aSPECT Experiment with New Constraints on Fierz Interference

RADIOACTIVITY 1NN(β-); analyzed 4π by the aSPECT spectrometer data; deduced he electron-antineutrino angular correlation (a coefficient) in free neutron decay inferred from the recoil energy spectrum of the protons, b, the Fierz interference parameter, implications for the standard model.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.132.102501
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2020BE12      Phys.Rev. C 101, 055506 (2020)

M.Beck, F.Ayala Guardia, M.Borg, J.Kahlenberg, R.Munoz Horta, C.Schmidt, A.Wunderle, W.Heil, R.Maisonobe, M.Simson, T.Soldner, R.Virot, O.Zimmer, M.Klopf, G.Konrad, S.Baessler, F.Gluck, U.Schmidt

Improved determination of the β-νe-bar angular correlation coefficient α in free neutron decay with the α SPECT spectrometer

RADIOACTIVITY 1n(β-); measured Ep, Ip, (β-)(electron ν-bar)(θ) using a silicon drift detector for proton detection in 4π by the aSPECT spectrometer using magnetic adiabatic collimation with an electrostatic filter at the Institut Laue Langevin, Grenoble; deduced ratio of axial vector to vector coupling constants, with detailed analysis of systematic uncertainties. Comparison with results of previous experiments.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.101.055506
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2017BI08      Phys.Rev. C 95, 045503 (2017)

G.Bison, M.Daum, K.Kirch, B.Lauss, D.Ries, P.Schmidt-Wellenburg, G.Zsigmond, T.Brenner, P.Geltenbort, T.Jenke, O.Zimmer, M.Beck, W.Heil, J.Kahlenberg, J.Karch, K.Ross, K.Eberhardt, C.Geppert, S.Karpuk, T.Reich, C.Siemensen, Y.Sobolev, N.Trautmann

Comparison of ultracold neutron sources for fundamental physics measurements

RADIOACTIVITY 1n(β-); measured ultracold neutron (UCN) density, and UCN lifetime inside the storage bottles at Mainz, PSI, PF2 and SUN-2 systems; experimental comparison of the leading UCN sources currently operating using a standard UCN storage bottle with a volume of 32 liters suitable for search for a permanent electric-dipole moment of the neutron (nEDM), and for other studies of fundamental parameters of the neutron in searches for new charge-parity-violating processes or exotic interactions beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.95.045503
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2017KA59      Eur.Phys.J. A 53, 226 (2017)

J.Kahlenberg, D.Ries, K.U.Ross, C.Siemensen, M.Beck, C.Geppert, W.Heil, N.Hild, J.Karch, S.Karpuk, F.Kories, M.Kretschmer, B.Lauss, T.Reich, Y.Sobolev, N.Trautmann

Upgrade of the ultracold neutron source at the pulsed reactor TRIGA Mainz

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2017-12428-9
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2016FI09      Eur.Phys.J. A 52, 206 (2016)

P.Finlay, M.Breitenfeldt, T.Porobic, E.Wursten, G.Ban, M.Beck, C.Couratin, X.Fabian, X.Flechard, P.Friedag, P.Friedag, F.Gluck, A.Herlert, A.Knecht, V.Y.Kozlov, E.Lienard, G.Soti, M.Tandecki, E.Traykov, S.Van Gorp, Ch.Weinheimer, D.Zakoucky, N.Severijns

First high-statistics and high-resolution recoil-ion data from the WITCH retardation spectrometer

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2016-16206-y
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2014KA13      Eur.Phys.J. A 50, 78 (2014)

J.Karch, Yu.Sobolev, M.Beck, K.Eberhardt, G.Hampel, W.Heil, R.Kieser, T.Reich, N.Trautmann, M.Ziegner

Performance of the solid deuterium ultra-cold neutron source at the pulsed reactor TRIGA Mainz

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2014-14078-9
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2014VA12      Phys.Rev. C 90, 025502 (2014)

S.Van Gorp, M.Breitenfeldt, M.Tandecki, M.Beck, P.Finlay, P.Friedag, F.Gluck, A.Herlert, V.Kozlov, T.Porobic, G.Soti, E.Traykov, F.Wauters, Ch.Weinheimer, D.Zakoucky, N.Severijns

First β-ν correlation measurement from the recoil-energy spectrum of Penning trapped 35Ar ions

RADIOACTIVITY 35Ar(β+)[from Ca(p, X), E=1.4 GeV]; measured recoil (35Cl) ion energy spectrum, βν(θ) using REXTRAP, WITCH systems at ISOLDE-CERN facility; deduced beta-neutrino correlation coefficient 'a' and compared with predicted value from Standard model. SIMBUCA simulation. Search for exotic currents in weak interactions.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.90.025502
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2011BE16      Eur.Phys.J. A 47, 45 (2011)

M.Beck, S.Coeck, V.Yu.Kozlov, M.Breitenfeldt, P.Delahaye, P.Friedag, F.Gluck, M.Herbane, A.Herlert, I.S.Kraev, J.Mader, M.Tandecki, S.Van Gorp, F.Wauters, Ch.Weinheimer, F.Wenander, N.Severijns, and the ISOLDE Collaboration

First detection and energy measurement of recoil ions following beta decay in a Penning trap with the WITCH experiment

RADIOACTIVITY 124In(β-); measured decay products, recoil ions; deduced recoil energy spectrum. Penning trap measurements.

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2011-11045-0
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2010BE31      Eur.Phys.J. A 44, 499 (2010)

M.Beck, K.Valerius, J.Bonn, K.Essig, F.Gluck, H.-W.Ortjohann, B.Ostrick, E.W.Otten, Th.Thummler, M.Zboril, C.Weinheimer

Effect of a sweeping conductive wire on electrons stored in a Penning-like trap between the KATRIN spectrometers

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2010-10959-1
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2010GO08      Phys.Rev. C 81, 054323 (2010)

V.V.Golovko, I.S.Kraev, T.Phalet, B.Delaure, M.Beck, V.Yu.Kozlov, S.Coeck, F.Wauters, P.Herzog, Ch.Tramm, D.Zakoucky, D.Venos, D.Srnka, M.Honusek, U.Koster, N.Severijns

Magnetic moment of 104Agm and the hyperfine magnetic field of Ag in Fe using nuclear magnetic resonance on oriented nuclei

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 104mAg; measured resonance frequencies and magnetic moment by nuclear magnetic resonance on oriented nuclei at ISOLDE/CERN. deduced hyperfine field of Ag impurities in Fe. β-NMR/ON method. Comparison with magnetic moments of 102,104,106,108,110Ag and shell model calculations.

RADIOACTIVITY 104Ag(EC), (β+)[from 104Cd(EC), (β+) formed in Sn(p, X), E=1.4GeV]; measured Eγ, Iγ, Eβ, Iβ, γ(θ).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.81.054323
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2010WA40      Phys.Rev. C 82, 055502 (2010)

F.Wauters, I.Kraev, D.Zakoucky, M.Beck, M.Breitenfeldt, V.De Leebeeck, V.V.Golovko, V.Yu.Kozlov, T.Phalet, S.Roccia, G.Soti, M.Tandecki, I.S.Towner, E.Traykov, S.Van Gorp, N.Severijns

Precision measurements of the 60Co β-asymmetry parameter in search for tensor currents in weak interactions

RADIOACTIVITY 60Co(β-); measured E(β), I(β), γ(θ), β asymmetry parameter using a polarized 60Co source with low-temperature nuclear orientation method. 57Co, 54Mn(EC); measured γ(θ) and used as references for temperature measurement. Systematics of β-asymmetry parameters for Gamow-Teller transitions and for T=1/2 mirror nuclei. Tensor currents in weak interactions.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.82.055502
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2006BA52      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. A565, 711 (2006)

G.Ban, M.Beck, A.Bialek, K.Bodek, P.Gorel, K.Kirch, St.Kistryn, A.Kozela, M.Kuzniak, A.Lindroth, O.Naviliat-Cuncic, J.Pulut, N.Severijns, E.Stephan, J.Zejma

A Mott polarimeter for the search of time reversal violation in the decay of free neutrons

RADIOACTIVITY 1n(β-); measured electron polarization following decay of polarized cold neutrons.

doi: 10.1016/j.nima.2006.05.166
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2006GO32      Phys.Rev. C 74, 044313 (2006)

V.V.Golovko, I.S.Kraev, T.Phalet, N.Severijns, D.Venos, D.Zakoucky, P.Herzog, C.Tramm, U.Koster, D.Srnka, M.Honusek, B.Delaure, M.Beck, V.Yu.Kozlov, A.Lindroth

Nuclear spin-lattice relaxation of 62Cu at low temperatures in iron

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 62Cu; measured nuclear spin-lattice relaxation rate in iron.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.74.044313
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2006KO63      Int.J. Mass Spectrom. 251, 159 (2006)

V.Yu.Kozlov, N.Severijns, D.Beck, M.Beck, S.Coeck, B.Delaure, A.Lindroth, S.Kopecky, P.Delahaye, F.Wenander, V.V.Golovko, I.S.Kraev, T.Phalet, and the ISOLDE NIPNET and TRAPSPEC Collaborations

The WITCH experiment: Completion of a set-up to investigate the structure of weak interactions with a Penning trap

RADIOACTIVITY 26mAl, 38mK(β+); measured recoil energy spectrum in β decay, βν(θ). 20Ne, 23Na, 39K; measured excitation, and ion beam properties on the WITCH set-up. Penning trap method. 35Ar; measured half-life and time-of-flight spectrum.

doi: 10.1016/j.ijms.2006.01.050
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2005BO35      J.Res.Natl.Inst.Stand.Technol. 110, 461 (2005)

K.Bodek, G.Ban, M.Beck, A.Bialek, T.Brys, A.Czarnecki, W.Fetscher, P.Gorel, K.Kirch, St.Kistryn, A.Kozela, M.Kuzniak, A.Lindroth, O.Naviliat-Cuncic, J.Pulut, A.Serebrov, N.Severijns, E.Stephan, J.Zejma

Search for Time Reversal Violating Effects: R-Correlation Measurement in Neutron Decay

RADIOACTIVITY 1n(β-); measured Eβ. Plans for measurement of time-reversal violating effects discussed.

doi: 10.6028/jres.110.071
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2005BY04      J.Res.Natl.Inst.Stand.Technol. 110, 415 (2005)

J.Byrne, R.U.Khafizov, Yu A.Mostovoi, O.Rozhnov, V.A.Solovei, M.Beck, V.U.Kozlov, N.Severijns

Search for Radiative β-Decay of the Free Neutron

RADIOACTIVITY 1n(β-); measured Ep, Eβ, Eγ, pγ-, βγ-, pβ-coin; deduced upper limit for radiative decay branching ratio.

doi: 10.6028/jres.110.063
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2005GO44      Phys.Rev. C 72, 064316 (2005)

V.V.Golovko, I.S.Kraev, T.Phalet, N.Severijns, D.Zakoucky, D.Venos, P.Herzog, C.Tramm, D.Srnka, M.Honusek, U.Koster, B.Delaure, M.Beck, V.Yu.Kozlov, A.Lindroth, S.Coeck

Nuclear magnetic moment of 69As from on-line β-NMR on oriented nuclei

RADIOACTIVITY 69As(EC), (β+) [from Zr(p, X)]; measured Eβ, β-asymmetry, β-NMR spectrum from polarized source. 69As deduced μ.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.72.064316
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2005SE14      Phys.Rev. C 71, 064310 (2005)

N.Severijns, D.Venos, P.Schuurmans, T.Phalet, M.Honusek, D.Srnka, B.Vereecke, S.Versyck, D.Zakoucky, U.Koster, M.Beck, B.Delaure, V.Golovko, I.Kraev

Isospin mixing in the T=5/2 ground state of 71As

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 71As; measured Eγ, Eβ, β-decay angular distributions from oriented nuclei; deduced β-asymmetry parameter. 71As deduced ground-state admixture. Low-temperature nuclear orientation technique.

RADIOACTIVITY 71As(β+); measured Eγ, Eβ, β-decay angular distributions from oriented nuclei; deduced β-asymmetry parameter. 71As deduced ground-state admixture. Low-temperature nuclear orientation technique.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.71.064310
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2004GO39      Phys.Rev. C 70, 014312 (2004)

V.V.Golovko, I.Kraev, T.Phalet, N.Severijns, B.Delaure, M.Beck, V.Kozlov, A.Lindroth, S.Versyck, D.Zakoucky, D.Venos, D.Srnka, M.Honusek, P.Herzog, C.Tramm, U.Koster, I.S.Towner

Nuclear magnetic moment of 59Cu with on-line β-NMR on oriented nuclei

RADIOACTIVITY 59Cu(β+); measured Eβ, Iβ(θ, H), NMR spectrum from low-temperature oriented source. 59Cu deduced μ. Comparison with model predictions.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.70.014312
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2003LI52      Nucl.Phys. A721, 1103c (2003)

A.Lindroth, M.Beck, B.Delaure, V.Yu.Kozlov, N.Severijns, F.Ames, D.Beck, V.V.Golovko, I.Kraev, T.Phalet, S.Versyck

WITCH: Testing the Standard Model using a β-recoil Spectrometer with a Trapped Ion Cloud as Source

doi: 10.1016/S0375-9474(03)01295-8
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2002BE54      Nucl.Phys. A701, 369c (2002)

D.Beck, F.Ames, M.Beck, G.Bollen, B.Delaure, J.Deutsch, J.Dilling, O.Forstner, T.Phalet, R.Prieels, W.Quint, P.Schmidt, P.Schuurmans, N.Severijns, B.Vereecke, S.Versyck, and the EUROTRAPS Collaboration

Search for New Physics in Beta-Neutrino Correlations with the WITCH Spectrometer

doi: 10.1016/S0375-9474(01)01612-8
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2002BE79      Pisma Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 76, 392 (2002); JETP Lett. 76, 332 (2002)

M.Beck, J.Byrne, R.U.Khafizov, V.Yu.Kozlov, Yu.A.Mostovoi, O.V.Rozhnov, N.Severijns, V.A.Solovei

The Upper Limit of the Branching Ratio for Radiative Beta Decay of Free Neutrons

RADIOACTIVITY 1n(β-); measured radiative decay mode branching ratio upper limit.

doi: 10.1134/1.1525031
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2001BE74      Hyperfine Interactions 132, 473 (2001)

D.Beck, F.Ames, M.Beck, G.Bollen, B.Delaure, P.Schuurmans, S.Schwarz, P.Schmidt, N.Severijns, O.Forstner

Space Charge Effects in a Gas Filled Penning Trap

doi: 10.1023/A:1011974828147
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2000GA61      Hyperfine Interactions 129, 237 (2000)

A.Garcia, E.G.Adelberger, C.Ortiz, H.E.Swanson, M.Beck, O.Tengblad, M.J.G.Borge, I.Martel, H.Bichsel, and the ISOLDE Collaboration

Positron-neutrino correlations in 32Ar and 33Ar decays: Probes of scalar weak currents and nuclear isospin mixing

RADIOACTIVITY 32,33Ar(β+); measured delayed proton spectra, pβ-coin; deduced positron-neutrino correlation, constraints on scalar weak interactions.

doi: 10.1023/A:1012605731737
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2000SE23      Hyperfine Interactions 129, 223 (2000)

N.Severijns, J.Deutsch, D.Beck, M.Beck, B.Delaure, T.Phalet, R.Prieels, P.Schuurmans, B.Vereecke, S.Versyck

Fundamental weak interaction studies using polarised nuclei and ion traps

RADIOACTIVITY 17F(β+), 118Sb(β+), (EC); measured polarization asymmetry correlation. Polarized nuclei.

doi: 10.1023/A:1012665917625
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1999AD10      Phys.Rev.Lett. 83, 1299 (1999); Erratum Phys.Rev.Lett. 83, 3101 (1999)

E.G.Adelberger, C.Ortiz, A.Garcia, H.E.Swanson, M.Beck, O.Tengblad, M.J.G.Borge, I.Martel, H.Bichsel, and the ISOLDE Collaboration

Positron-Neutrino Correlation in the 0+ → 0+ Decay of 32Ar

RADIOACTIVITY 32Ar(β+); measured delayed proton spectra, pβ-coin; deduced positron-neutrino correlation, constraints on scalar weak interactions.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.83.1299
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1995BA84      Phys.Lett. 356B, 450 (1995)

A.Balysh, M.Beck, S.T.Belyaev, J.Bockholt, A.Demehin, A.Gurov, J.Hellmig, G.Heusser, M.Hirsch, Ch.Hoffmann, H.V.Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, I.Kondratenko, D.Kotelnikov, V.I.Lebedev, B.Maier, A.Muller, H.Pas, F.Petry, E.Scheer, H.Strecker, M.Vollinger

Sub-eV Limit for the Neutrino Mass from 76Ge Double Beta Decay by the HEIDELBERG-MOSCOW Experiment

RADIOACTIVITY 76Ge(2β); measured γ spectra, T1/2 lower limit, different confidence limits; deduced effective Majorana, superheavy neutrino mass upper limits, implications to standard model. Hyperpure Ge detectors.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(95)00817-5
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1994BA15      Phys.Lett. 322B, 176 (1994)

A.Balysh, M.Beck, S.T.Belyaev, F.Bensch, J.Bockholt, A.Demekhin, A.Gurov, G.Heusser, H.V.Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, I.Kondratenko, D.Kotelnikov, V.I.Lebedev, B.Maier, A.Muller, F.Petry, A.Piepke, A.Pronsky, H.Strecker, M.Vollinger, K.Zuber

Measurement of the ββ2ν Decay of 76Ge

RADIOACTIVITY 76Ge(2β); measured 2ν-accompanied 2β-decay T1/2. Comparison with other data.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(94)91103-7
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1994BE37      Phys.Lett. 336B, 141 (1994)

M.Beck, F.Bensch, J.Bockholt, G.Heusser, H.V.Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, B.Maier, F.Petry, A.Piepke, H.Strecker, M.Vollinger, K.Zuber, A.Balysh, S.T.Belyaev, A.Demehin, A.Gurov, I.Kondratenko, V.I.Lebedev, A.Muller

Searching for Dark Matter with the Enriched Ge Detectors of Heidelberg-Moscow ββ Experiment

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(94)01000-5
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1994PI05      Nucl.Phys. A577, 493 (1994)

A.Piepke, M.Beck, J.Bockholt, D.Glatting, G.Heusser, H.V.Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, B.Maier, F.Petry, U.Schmidt-Rohr, H.Strecker, M.Vollinger, A.S.Barabash, U.V.Umatov, A.Muller, J.Suhonen

Investigation of the ββ Decay of 116Cd into Excited States of 116Sn

RADIOACTIVITY 116Cd(2β); measured T1/2 limits. Isotopically enriched Cd sample, low-background Ge detector. Quasiparticle RPA model calculation comparison.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(94)90930-X
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1993BE14      Phys.Rev.Lett. 70, 2853 (1993)

M.Beck, F.Bensch, J.Bockholt, G.Heusser, M.Hirsch, H.V.Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, B.Maier, F.Petry, A.Piepke, H.Strecker, M.Vollinger, K.Zuber, A.Balysh, S.T.Belyaev, A.Demekhin, A.Gurov, I.Kondratenko, V.I.Lebedev, A.Muller

Investigation of the Majoron-Accompanied Double-Beta Decay Mode of 76Ge

RADIOACTIVITY 76Ge(2β); measured 2β-decay T1/2 lower limit; deduced Majoron-neutrino coupling limit.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.70.2853
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1992BA25      Phys.Lett. 283B, 32 (1992)

A.Balysh, M.Beck, S.T.Belyaev, J.Bockholt, A.Demekhin, J.Echternach, A.Gurov, G.Heusser, M.Hirsch, H.V.Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, I.Kondratenko, V.I.Lebedev, B.Maier, A.Muller, F.Petry, A.Piepke, U.Schmidt-Rohr, H.Strecker, K.Zuber

The Heidelberg-Moscow Double Beta Decay Experiment with Enriched 76Ge. First Results

RADIOACTIVITY 76Ge(2β); measured neutrinoless β-decay T1/2 lower limits; deduced neutrino Majorana mass upper limits. Enriched source.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(92)91421-5
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1992BE20      Z.Phys. A343, 397 (1992)

M.Beck, J.Bockholt, J.Echternach, G.Heusser, M.Hirsch, H.V.Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, A.Piepke, H.Strecker, K.Zuber, A.Bakalyarov, A.Balysh, S.T.Belyaev, A.Demekhin, A.Gurov, I.Kondratenko, V.I.Lebedev, A.Pronsky, A.Muller

New Half Life Limits for the ββ(2ν + 0ν) Decay of 76Ge to the Excited States of 76Se from the Heidelberg-Moscow ββ Experiment

RADIOACTIVITY 76Ge(2β); measured 0ν-, 2ν-accompanied β-decay T1/2 limits. Refined germanium passive shielding background spectrum.

doi: 10.1007/BF01289815
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