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1995BA44      Z.Phys. A352, 231 (1995)

A.S.Barabash, A.V.Derbin, L.A.Popeko, V.I.Umatov

Search for ββ Decay of 76Ge to the Excited States in 76Se

RADIOACTIVITY 76Ge(2β); measured (2ν+0ν)-accompanied 2β-decay T1/2 lower limits, E(2β), Eγ leading to excited states in 76Se. Low background environment, hyperpure Ge detector for background measurements.

doi: 10.1007/BF01298913
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1989PE08      Yad.Fiz. 49, 1261 (1989)

G.A.Petrov, L.A.Popeko, Yu.P.Rudnev

Study of Electron Radiation Emitted in 239Pu Fission Induced by Resonance and Thermal Neutrons

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 239Pu(n, F), E=thermal, resonance; measured fission associated electron emission difference spectra, integral yields. Fluctuation ionization from atomic shell, (n, γF) hypotheses.

1983DE47      Yad.Fiz. 38, 1105 (1983)

A.V.Derbin, L.A.Popeko

Measurement of the β Spectrum of Tritium Introduced into Silicon-Lithium Detector

RADIOACTIVITY 3H(β-); measured β-spectra; deduced β-endpoint energy, antineutrino mass upper limit. Source in Si-Li detector.

1976PO11      Yad.Fiz. 24, 1081 (1976); Sov.J.Nucl.Phys. 24, 567 (1976)

L.A.Popeko, G.A.Petrov, Y.P.Rudnev, E.F.Kochubey

Investigation of Conversion Electrons in Fission of 235U by Thermal Neutrons

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 235U(n, F), E=th; measured ce-spectrum, ce(t). 98Zr level deduced T1/2.

1975PO15      Yad.Fiz. 22, 468 (1975); Sov.J.Nucl.Phys. 22, 241 (1975)

L.A.Popeko, G.A.Petrov, E.F.Kochubei

Probability of Ionization of an Atomic Shell of a Fissile Atom by the Fluctuation Electromagnetic Field of the Heated Nucleus

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 235U(n, F), E=thermal; measured K X-ray radiation yield accompanying fission.

Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset41699.

1973PO05      Yad.Fiz. 17, 234 (1973); Sov.J.Nucl.Phys. 17, 120 (1973)

L.A.Popeko, G.A.Petrov, E.F.Kochubei, T.K.Zvezdkina

Spontaneously Fissioning Isomer U236m Excited by Capture of Thermal Neutrons

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 235U(n, F), E=thermal; measured (fragment)(ce, γ, X)-delay. 236mU deduced yield.

1971LO27      Pisma Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 14, 373 (1971); JETP Lett.(USSR) 14, 251 (1971)

V.M.Lobashev, L.A.Popeko, L.M.Smotritskii, A.P.Serebrov, E.A.Kolomenskii

Experimental Observation of Rotation of the Plane of Linear Polarization of γ Quanta in Magnetized Ferromagnets

RADIOACTIVITY 198Au; measured γ-linear polarization in magnetized ferromagnets; deduced rotation of linear polarization plane.

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