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2014MU03      Phys.Rev. C 89, 044309 (2014)

S.Muto, N.J.Stone, C.R.Bingham, J.R.Stone, P.M.Walker, G.Audi, C.Gaulard, U.Koster, J.Nikolov, K.Nishimura, T.Ohtsubo, Z.Podolyak, L.Risegari, G.S.Simpson, M.Veskovic, W.B.Walters

Magnetic properties of 177Hf and 180Hf in the strong-coupling deformed model

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Ta, W(p, X), E=1.4 GeV; measured Eγ, Iγ, γ(θ, temp), resonance, magnetic dipole moment of 37/2- isomer in 177Hf and 8- isomer in 180Hf using NICOLE on-line low-temperature nuclear orientation system and NMR at ISOLDE-CERN facility. 177,180Hf; deduced high-spin levels, multipolarity, mixing ratio, (gK-gR)/Q0. Comparison with previous experimental results.

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 177,180Hf; measured magnetic moments of high-spin K-isomers by on-line low-temperature nuclear orientation combined with NMR using NICOLE system at ISOLDE-CERN facility. Discussed dependence of gR parameter upon the quasiproton and quasineutron structure of high-K isomeric states in this mass region.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.89.044309
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2012OH01      Phys.Rev.Lett. 109, 032504 (2012)

T.Ohtsubo, N.J.Stone, J.R.Stone, I.S.Towner, C.R.Bingham, C.Gaulard, U.Koster, S.Muto, J.Nikolov, K.Nishimura, G.S.Simpson, G.Soti, M.Veskovic, W.B.Walters, F.Wauters

Magnetic Dipole Moment of the Doubly-Closed-Shell Plus One Proton Nucleus 49Sc

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 49Sc; measured hyperfine field, β asymmetry; deduced magnetic dipole moment. Comparison with available data.

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 41,49Sc; calculated magnetic dipole moment.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.109.032504
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2007HU26      Hyperfine Interactions 177, 39 (2007)

W.D.Hutchison, D.H.Chaplin, K.Nishimura

Low temperature nuclear orientation observations of severe neutron activation damage in (160Tb)TbNiAl4

doi: 10.1007/s10751-008-9619-7
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2007OH09      Hyperfine Interactions 180, 55 (2007)

S.Ohya, T.Ohtsubo, T.Izumikawa, K.Nishimura, S.Muto, T.Shinozuka

Hyperfine anomalies of Sc isotopes (A = 44, 44 m, 46 and 47) in iron

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 44,46,47Sc; measured hyperfine anomalies.

doi: 10.1007/s10751-008-9683-z
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2007OH10      Hyperfine Interactions 180, 79 (2007)

T.Ohtsubo, Y.Kawamura, S.Ohya, T.Izumikawa, K.Nishimura, S.Muto, T.Shinozuka

Magnetic moment of 48Sc

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 48Sc(β-); measured magnetic moment using the β-NMR method.

doi: 10.1007/s10751-008-9689-6
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2004NI13      Phys.Rev. B 70, 132405 (2004)

K.Nishimura, S.Ohya, T.Ohtsubo, I.Sato, J.Goto, T.Izumikawa, M.Tanigaki, A.Taniguchi, Y.Ohkubo, Y.Kawase, S.Muto

Large hyperfine anomaly between 91Y and 91mY in Fe

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 91,91mY; measured NMR spectra; deduced hyperfine anomaly. Oriented nuclei in iron.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.70.132405
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2004NI21      Hyperfine Interactions 159, 239 (2004)

K.Nishimura, S.Ohya, T.Ohtsubo, T.Izumikawa, M.Sasaki, I.Sato, M.Suzuki, J.Goto, M.Tanigaki, A.Taniguchi, Y.Ohkubo, Y.Kawase, S.Muto

Hyperfine Fields of Sr and Y in Ferromagnetic Hosts, and Magnetic Moment of 93Y

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 93Y; measured radio-frequency of oscillating field, Eγ, Iγ; deduced ground state nuclear magnetic moment. NMRON technique.

doi: 10.1007/s10751-005-9106-3
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2001OH03      Phys.Rev. C63, 044314 (2001)

S.Ohya, H.Sato, T.Izumikawa, J.Goto, S.Muto, K.Nishimura

Hyperfine Anomalies 95Tc-96Tc and 106m-110mAg using Brute-Force Nuclear Magnetic Resonance on Oriented Nuclei

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 95,96Tc, 106m,110mAg; measured NMR spectra; deduced hyperfine anomalies. 106mAg deduced μ. Brute-force NMR on oriented nuclei.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.63.044314
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2001OH09      Hyperfine Interactions 133, 105 (2001)

S.Ohya, Y.Izubuchi, J.Goto, T.Ohtsubo, S.Muto, K.Nishimura

Brute-force NMR-ON on 90NbCu, 101mRhCu and 110mAgAg

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 90Nb, 101mRh, 110mAg; measured NMR spectra on oriented nuclei; deduced Knight shifts.

doi: 10.1023/A:1012213519149
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2001ST31      Hyperfine Interactions 133, 117 (2001)

N.J.Stone, S.Ohya, T.Ohtsubo, S.Muto, K.Nishimura

The Hyperfine Field of Selenium in Iron and Magnetic Dipole Moment of 75Se

RADIOACTIVITY 75Se(EC) [from 74Ge(α, 3n)]; measured Eγ, Iγ(θ, H, t), β-NMR spectra; deduced hyperfine field. 75Se deduced μ.

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 73Se; analyzed data; deduced μ.

doi: 10.1023/A:1012269720057
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1996SH22      J.Phys.Soc.Jpn. 65, 2736 (1996)

K.Shimizu, K.Ichinose, K.Nishimura

141Pr and 147Sm Spin-Echo NMR in R(x)Gd(1-x)Ni(R = Pr and Sm)

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 141Pr, 147Sm; measured NMR; deduced μ for Pr, Sm in (R(x)Gd(1-x)Ni, R=Pr, Sm), hyperfine field.

doi: 10.1143/JPSJ.65.2736
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1994KI27      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. A353, 285 (1994)

T.Kishikawa, K.Nishimura, S.Noguchi

Gamma-Ray Spectrometry with a Ge Detector: An importance of instrument function on a new energy calibration method

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 35Cl, 1H(n, γ), E=thermal; analyzed γ-spectra analysis associated reference index; deduced methodological devation related features for peak position approach to detector energy calibration.

ATOMIC PHYSICS, Mesic-Atoms Ca, Ba, Sn, Tl, Pb, Ba, Ce(μ-, X), E at rest; analyzed X-ray spectra analysis associated reference index; deduced methodological devation related features for peak position approach to detector energy calibration.

doi: 10.1016/0168-9002(94)91658-6
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1994OH04      Hyperfine Interactions 84, 17 (1994)

S.Ohya, S.Muto, K.Heiguchi, K.Nishimura

Satellite Line Structure in NMR-ON on 206Bi(Fe) and 182Re(Fe)

RADIOACTIVITY 206Bi(EC); 182Re(EC), (β+); measured NMR, nuclei oriented in Fe; deduced satellite structure origin related features.

doi: 10.1007/BF02060640
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1993KI20      Appl.Radiat.Isot. 44, 1389 (1993)

T.Kishikawa, K.Nishimura, S.Noguchi, Y.Nonaka

Energy Calibration: Peak position variation by the use of 192Ir as a reference standard source with HPGe detectors

RADIOACTIVITY 192Ir(EC), (β-); 152Eu(EC), (β+), (β-); measured Eγ; deduced peak index differences for 192Ir, 152Eu, 192Ir standard source implications.

doi: 10.1016/0969-8043(93)90090-W
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1993LI58      Hyperfine Interactions 79, 799 (1993)

M.Lindroos, P.Richards, J.de Wachter, U.Wahl, H.Haas, H.Pattyn, J.Rikovska, N.J.Stone, G.Langouche, K.Nishimura, I.S.Oliveira, M.Veskovic, and the NICOLE and ISOLDE Collaborations

Lattice Site and Hyperfine Field of Fr in Fe Studied by Nuclear Orientation and Emission Channelling

RADIOACTIVITY 221Fr(α) [from 225Ra(decay-chain)]; measured α-, γ-anisotropy vs temperature; deduced hyperfine field of Fr in Fe, lattice site. Integral low temperature nuclear orientation.

doi: 10.1007/BF00567611
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1993NI17      Hyperfine Interactions 78, 153 (1993)

K.Nishimura, I.S.Oliveira, N.J.Stone, Y.Isikawa, K.Shimizu, K.Sato

Hyperfine Field and Beta-Decay of 142Pr in PrNi Studied by Low Temperature Nuclear Orientation

RADIOACTIVITY 142Pr(β-), (EC); measured Iγ(θ) vs temperature; deduced β-decay matrix element features. Polarized source, low temperature nuclear orientation.

doi: 10.1007/BF00568131
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1993NI18      Hyperfine Interactions 78, 475 (1993)

K.Nishimura, S.Ohya, K.Heiguchi, S.Muto, Y.Isikawa, K.Mori

Magnetic Properties of Pm in PrNi

RADIOACTIVITY 143,144Pm(EC) [from 141Pr(α, 2n), (α, n), E=30 MeV]; measured γ(θ) vs temperature, oriented nuclei; deduced hyperfine field in PrNi.

doi: 10.1007/BF00568177
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1992LI06      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. B64, 227 (1992)

M.Lindroos, P.Richards, J.Rikovska, N.J.Stone, K.Nishimura, I.S.Oliveira, and the NICOLE and ISOLDE Collaborations

Hyperfine Field and Fraction in High Field Site for Implanted 221FrFe

RADIOACTIVITY 225Ac(α) [from 225Ra(β--decay) produced by Th, U(p, X), E=600 MeV]; measured Iγ(θ) vs temperature, γ-, α-anisotropies; deduced hyperfine field for 221Fr implanted in Fe.

doi: 10.1016/0168-583X(92)95470-C
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1992LI26      Hyperfine Interactions 75, 323 (1992)

M.Lindroos, P.Richards, J.Rikovska, N.J.Stone, I.Oliveira, K.Nishimura, M.Booth, and the NICOLE and ISOLDE Collaborations

Hyperfine Interactions, Including B(hf)[Fr(Fe)], Studied in the Decay Chain of 225Ra by Alpha and Gamma Anisotropy Measurements

RADIOACTIVITY 225Ra(β-); 221Fr(α) [from 225Ac(α-decay)]; 225Ac(α) [from 225Ra(β-decay)]; 217At(α), (β-) [from 221Fr(α-decay)]; 213Bi(α), (β-) [from 217At(α-decay)]; measured γ-, α-anisotropy; deduced 225Ac, 221Fr hyperfine field in Fe. 213Bi deduced μ. Low temperature nuclear orientation.

doi: 10.1007/BF02398989
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1990OH07      Hyperfine Interactions 59, 373 (1990)

S.Ohya, R.Hanada, K.Nishimura, S.Muto, N.Mutsuro

NMR-ON Study of 60Co in Fe-Si Single Crystal

RADIOACTIVITY 60Co; measured NMR, oriented nuclei.

doi: 10.1007/BF02401251
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1989OH02      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. A276, 223 (1989)

S.Ohya, H.Miura, K.Nishimura, N.Mutsuro, T.Aoki

A Compton Polarimeter Constructed with a Large Si(Li) Scatterer and Two Ge Analysers

RADIOACTIVITY 58Co(EC), (β+); 57Co(EC); 60Co(β-); measured γ linear polarization; 125Sb(β-); measured linear polarization, γ(θ). 125Te transition deduced linear polarization mixing coefficient. Polarized sources, low temperature, Compton polarimeter.

doi: 10.1016/0168-9002(89)90636-0
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1988OH02      J.Phys.(London) G14, 365 (1988)

S.Ohya, S.Suzuki, K.Nishimura, N.Mutsuro

The Nuclear Magnetic Moments of 184,185Ir and the Quadrupole Moment of 185Ir

RADIOACTIVITY 184Ir(EC), (β+) [from 185Re(α, 5n)]; 185Ir(EC), (β+) [from 185Re(α, 4n)]; measured I(γ)(θ, T, H), NMR, oriented nuclei. 185Ir deduced μ, quadrupole moment. 184Ir deduced μ. Recoil implantation.

doi: 10.1088/0305-4616/14/3/012
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1988OH05      Hyperfine Interactions 39, 193 (1988)

S.Ohya, K.Nishimura, N.Mutsuro

Double Resonance NMR-ON Study on Oriented 188Ir in Iron

RADIOACTIVITY 188Ir(EC), (β+); measured NMR, oriented nuclei; deduced electric hyperfine splitting.

doi: 10.1007/BF02394453
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1988OH08      Hyperfine Interactions 43, 249 (1988)

S.Ohya, K.Nishimura, N.Mutsuro

Double Resonance NMR/ON of 185Ir(Ni) and 188Ir(Fe)

RADIOACTIVITY 185,188Ir; measured NMR resonance spectra, oriented nuclei; deduced quadrupole splittings of 188Ir(Ni), 188Ir(Fe).

doi: 10.1007/BF02398305
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1987NI05      J.Phys.Soc.Jpn. 56, 492 (1987)

K.Nishimura, S.Ohya, T.Tadokoro, N.Mutsuro

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance on Oriented 9.3 m 178Ta

RADIOACTIVITY 178W(EC) [from 178Hf(α, 4n)]; measured NMR, γ(θ, T), oriented nuclei. 178Ta deduced isomer g-factor.

doi: 10.1143/JPSJ.56.492
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1987NI10      Hyperfine Interactions 36, 235 (1987)

K.Nishimura, S.Ohya, N.Mutsuro

High-Resolution Measurement of NMR-ON for 191Pt(Fe)

RADIOACTIVITY 191Pt; measured NMR, oriented nuclei; deduced dipole, quadrupole splittings.

doi: 10.1007/BF02395632
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1987NI11      Phys.Rev. C36, 2069 (1987)

K.Nishimura, S.Ohya, N.Mutsuro

Magnetic Moments of 119mTe, 121mTe, and 123mTe

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 118,120,122Sn(α, 3n), E=40 MeV; measured I(γ)(θ, T, H), oriented nuclei in Fe. 119m,121m,123mTe deduced μ.

RADIOACTIVITY 119mTe, 121mTe(EC); 123mTe(IT); measured I(γ)(θ, T, H), NMR, oriented nuclei in Fe; deduced μ.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.36.2069
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1987NI13      J.Phys.Soc.Jpn. 56, 3512 (1987)

K.Nishimura, S.Ohya, N.Mutsuro

g-Factor of the Ground State of 73Se

RADIOACTIVITY 73Se [from 74Ge(α, 5n), E=40 MeV]; measured NMR, oriented nuclei, Iγ(θ, T); deduced magnetic hyperfine field for Se in Fe. 73Se level deduced g.

doi: 10.1143/JPSJ.56.3512
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1987OH10      Hyperfine Interactions 36, 219 (1987)

S.Ohya, K.Nishimura, N.Mutsuro

NMR-ON Measurements of 187W(Fe), 182,183,186Re(Ni), 186Re(Fe) and 203Pb(Fe)

RADIOACTIVITY 187W, 182,183,186Re, 203Pb; measured NMR, oriented nuclei; deduced hyperfine fields. 182,183Re, 187W levels deduced g.

doi: 10.1007/BF02395631
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1987OH11      Phys.Rev. C36, 2072 (1987)

S.Ohya, S.Ohtake, K.Nishimura, N.Mutsuro

Nuclear Orientation and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of 196Au in Fe

RADIOACTIVITY 196Au(EC), (β+), (β-) [from 196Pt(α, 3np), E=65 MeV]; measured I(γ)(θ, T, H), NMR, oriented nuclei in Fe; deduced μ, spectroscopic quadrupole moment.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.36.2072
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1986NI02      Nucl.Phys. A451, 233 (1986)

K.Nishimura, S.Ohya, N.Mutsuro

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance on Oriented 99m,101m,102Rh and 101Pd

RADIOACTIVITY 99mRh(IT) [from Ru(α, xn)99Pd(decay)]; 101mRh(EC), (IT) [from 101Ru(α, 4n)101Pd(decay)]; 102Rh(EC) [from 101Ru(α, p2n)]; 101Pd(EC), (β+) [from 101Ru(α, 4n)]; measured Iγ(θ, T, H), NMR, oriented nuclei in Fe; deduced μ, Knight shift. Recoil implantation, natural Ru, enriched 101Ru targets.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(86)90413-6
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1985OH05      Hyperfine Interactions 22, 585 (1985)

S.Ohya, K.Nishimura, N.Okabe, N.Mutsuro

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance on Oriented 189,191Pt in Iron

RADIOACTIVITY 189Pt(EC), (β+) [from 189Os(α, 4n), E=50 MeV]; 191Pt(EC) [from 191Ir(α, 4np), E=50 MeV]; measured NMR, oriented nuclei in Fe. 189,191Pt deduced μ.

doi: 10.1007/BF02064027
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1985OH08      Nucl.Phys. A445, 29 (1985)

S.Ohya, K.Nishimura, N.Mutsuro

g-Factors of the Ground States of 95Nb and 96Nb

RADIOACTIVITY 95,96Nb(β-) [from Zr(α, 2np) and 96Zr(α, 3np)]; measured Iγ(θ, T, H), NMR, oriented nuclei in Fe; deduced g, Knight shift, effective relaxation time. Recoil Implantation.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(85)90358-6
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1984OH03      J.Phys.Soc.Jpn. 53, 538 (1984)

S.Ohya, O.Nakamura, K.Nishimura, A.Furusawa, N.Mutsuro

Nuclear Orientation Study of 56Co

RADIOACTIVITY 56Co(EC), (β+); measured Iγ(θ), oriented nuclei; deduced total lepton angular momentum. 56Fe levels deduced J, π, δ, γ-mixing.

doi: 10.1143/JPSJ.53.538
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1984OH07      J.Phys.Soc.Jpn. 53, 2479 (1984)

S.Ohya, K.Nishimura, A.Furusawa, N.Mutsuro

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance on Oriented 175Ta and 177Ta

RADIOACTIVITY 175,177Ta(EC), (β+) [from 176,178Hf(α, 5n)175,177W(EC+β+)-decay]; measured Iγ(θ, T), NMR on oriented nuclei; deduced hyperfine splitting frequencies, Knight shift. 175,177Ta deduced μ. Recoil implantation, natural target.

doi: 10.1143/JPSJ.53.2479
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1970KI07      J.Phys.Soc.Jap. 28, 1089 (1970)

S.Kikuchi, Y.Yamanouti, K.Nishimura

Levels of 133Cs Excited by Means of (n, n'γ) Reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 133Cs(n, n'γ), E=0.5-1.0 MeV; measured σ(E;Eγ); deduced γ thresholds. 133Cs deduced levels.

doi: 10.1143/JPSJ.28.1089
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset20306.

1968OK03      Nucl.Phys. A115, 17(1968)

K.Okano, S.Kikuchi, K.Nishimura, K.Harada

Investigation of the 9Be(3He, N)11C Reaction in the Energy Range 3.5-10 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 9Be(3He, n), E = 3.49-9.96 MeV; measured σ(E; En, θ).

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(68)90639-8
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1966NI01      Priv.Comm. (1966)

K.Nishimura, H.Munzer, J.E.Gibbons, W.M.Good

1965KI07      JAERI-1078 (1965)

S.Kikuchi, K.Okano, K.Nishimura

Excitation Cross Sections of the (n, n'Gamma) Reactions on Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Mo, Ag, Cd and Sn

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 58Ni, 59Co, 64Zn, 63Cu, 56Fe, 114Cd, 120Sn, 98Mo, 107Ag; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset20333.

1965NI05      Nucl.Phys. 70, 421 (1965)

K.Nishimura, K.Okano, S.Kikuchi

Studies Of Excitation Cross Sections Of (n, n'γ) Reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 56Fe(n, n'), 59Co(n, n'), 58Ni(n, n'), 60Ni(n, n'), 64Ni(n, n'), 63Cu(n, n'), 65Cu(n, n'), Zn(n, n'), Mo(n, n'), 94Mo(n, n'), 107Ag(n, n'), 109Ag(n, n'), Cd(n, n'), Sn(n, n'), E=321 keV-2.6 MeV; measured products, 56Fe, 59Co, 64Ni, 60Ni, 58Ni, 63Cu, 65Cu, 94Mo, 109Ag, 107Ag. Data were imported from EXFOR entry 20333.

doi: 10.1016/0029-5582(65)90538-9
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset20333.

1963OK01      J.Phys.Soc.Japan 18, 1563 (1963)

K.Okano, K.Nishimura

(p, n) Threshold Measurements on Na, Al, Cu, Ga, Ge, Se, Y, and Sn

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 27Si, 23Mg, 77Br, 78Br, 80Br, 89Zr, 74As, 69Ge, 63Zn, 65Zn, 118Sb, 120Sb; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

doi: 10.1143/JPSJ.18.1563
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1961MU02      Bull.Am.Phys.Soc. 6, No.3, 251, H5 (1961)

H.Munzer, K.Nishimura, W.M.Good

Total Neutron Cross Section of the Isotopes of Selenium

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 81Se, 79Se, 83Se, 77Se; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset11838.

1961NI03      J.Phys.Soc.Japan 16, 355 (1961)


Gamma Rays from Inelastic Scattering of Neutrons by Fe, Cu, Zn, Ge and Se

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 56Fe, 66Zn, 65Cu, 64Zn, 63Cu, 78Se, 80Se, 72Ge, 74Ge, 76Ge, 76Se, 68Zn; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

doi: 10.1143/JPSJ.16.355
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset20290.

1961SU03      Inst.Nuclear Study(Tokyo) 36 (1961)

S.Suwa, J.Sanada, K.Nishimura, I.Hayashi, N.Ryu, H.Hasai

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 13N; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

1960NI02      Phys.Rev. 118, 1350 (1960)


Inelastic Scattering of High-Energy Protons Exciting a Collective Level of Nucleus

doi: 10.1103/PhysRev.118.1350
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1958NI26      Nuclear Phys. 7, 425 (1958)


Inelastic Scattering of 96 MeV Protons

doi: 10.1016/0029-5582(58)90281-5
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