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2020GR14      Phys.Rev.X 10, 031037 (2020)

A.Green, H.Li, J.Hui S.Toh, X.Tang, K.C.McCormick, M.Li, E.Tiesinga, S.Kotochigova, S.Gupta

Feshbach Resonances in p-Wave Three-Body Recombination within Fermi-Fermi Mixtures of Open-Shell 6Li and Closed-Shell 173Yb Atoms

ATOMIC PHYSICS 6Li, 173Yb; measured frequencies; deduced magnetic Feshbach resonances as functions of magnetic field, dependence of magnetic Feshbach resonances on the nuclear Zeeman state.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevX.10.031037
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