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2007BU06      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 70, 427 (2007); Yad.Fiz. 70, 457 (2007)

V.D.Burkert, V.I.Mokeev, N.V.Shvedunov, A.A.Boluchevskii, M.Battaglieri, E.N.Golovach, L.Elouadrhiri, K.Joo, E.L.Isupov, B.S.Ishkhanov, N.S.Markov, M.Ripani, J.Ricco, V.V.Sapunenko, M.Taiuti, G.V.Fedotov

Isobar Channels in the Production of π+π- Pairs on a Proton by Virtual Photons

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1H(γ, π+π-), E ≈ 1.5-2 GeV; calculated σ(θ), contributions from various isobar channels.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778807030027
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