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2002EL14      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. B197, 271 (2002)

Y.El Masri, N.Moroso, V.Zaconte, C.Heitz, J.Cabrera, C.Dufauquez, V.Roberfroid, J.Van Mol, J.Lehmann, F.Vanderbist, P.Leleux, M.Couder

Analysis of 4He implanted in Al foils using the 4He(p, p)4He backscattering interaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 4He, Al(p, p), E ≈ 2.2 MeV; measured Ep, σ(θ); deduced helium implantation profile.

doi: 10.1016/S0168-583X(02)01467-2
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1999KE16      Nucl.Phys. (Supplement) A654, 878c (1999)

Th.Keutgen, J.Cabrera, Y.El Masri, C.Ghisalberti, I.Tilquin, L.Lebreton, A.Ninane, J.Lehmann, V.Roberfroid, L.Michel, R.Regimbart, J.B.Natowitz, K.Hagel, R.Wada, R.J.Charity

Thermal and Dynamical Properties of Fusion-FIssion and Fusion-Evaporation Processes in 20Ne + 159Tb and 20Ne + 169Tm Reactions between 8 and 16 MeV/Nucleon

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 159Tb, 169Tm(20Ne, X), E=8-16 MeV/nucleon; measured fisson, evaproation residue σ, neutron multiplicity; deduced reaction mechanism features.

doi: 10.1016/S0375-9474(00)88564-4
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1998WI26      Yad.Fiz. 61, No 8, 1403 (1998); Phys.Atomic Nuclei 61, 1301 (1998)

V.Wiaux, J.Deutsch, J.Govaerts, J.Lehmann, T.Otto, R.Prieels, V.B.Brudanin, V.G.Egorov, J.Rak, K.Lou, C.Petitjean, P.Truol

Muon Capture on 11B: Pseudoscalar coupling and the hyperfine effect

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 11B(μ-, ν), E at 44.5 MeV/c; measured Eγ, Iγ(t); deduced partial hyperfine conversion capture rate, pseudoscalar coupling g(P)/g(A).

1995TI10      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. A365, 446 (1995)

I.Tilquin, Y.El Masri, M.Parlog, Ph.Collon, M.Hadri, Th.Keutgen, J.Lehmann, P.Leleux, P.Lipnik, A.Ninane, F.Hanappe, G.Bizard, D.Durand, P.Mosrin, J.Peter, R.Regimbart, B.Tamain

Detection Efficiency of the Neutron Modular Detector DEMON and Related Characteristics

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(n, n'γ), E=8-21 MeV; measured neutron tof spectra; deduced detection efficiency, cross talk efficiency, nγ-, n(charged particle)-discrimination related characteristics. DEMON detector array.

doi: 10.1016/0168-9002(95)00425-4
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1993PI19      Hyperfine Interactions 80, 989 (1993)

R.Pirlot, M.Cyamukungu, L.Grenacs, J.Lehmann, R.Coussement, G.S'heeren, K.Tompa

Hyperfine Coupling of 12B in Noble Metals and Al; Enhancement of the conduction-electron spin susceptibility by e-e exchange

RADIOACTIVITY 12B(β-) [from 11B(d, p), E=1.6 MeV]; measured NMR, oriented nuclei; deduced Korringa contribution to nuclear spin lattice relaxation time of interstitial 12B in Al, noble metals. Polarized source.

doi: 10.1007/BF00567452
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1993SH37      Hyperfine Interactions 78, 201 (1993)

G.S'heeren, M.Van Den Bergh, R.Coussement, M.Cyamukungu, J.Lehmann, R.Pirlot, L.Grenacs, P.Boolchand

Identification of Cross-Relaxation Resonances of 12B Implanted sc Aluminum

RADIOACTIVITY 12B(β-) [from 11B(d, p)]; measured decay asymmetry, relaxation times vs external magnetic field, crystal orientation θ; deduced cross-relaxation resonances identification. Polarized source.

doi: 10.1007/BF00568140
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1990DE02      J.Phys.(London) G16, L1 (1990)

F.W.N.de Boer, J.Lehmann, J.Steyaert

Search for a Short-Lived Isoscalar Axion with Mass between 4 and 15 MeV c-2

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 7Li(p, γ), E=1.03 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ. 8Be transition deduced axion branching ratio upper limits.

doi: 10.1088/0954-3899/16/1/001
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1989DE22      J.Phys.(London) G15, L177 (1989)

F.W.N.de Boer, J.Deutsch, J.Lehmann, R.Prieels, J.Steyaert

Addendum to ' Search for Elusive Neutral Particles in Nuclear Decay '

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 16O; calculated 0+ level decay branching ratio upper limit correction factor. Electron-positron peak angular broadening effect.

doi: 10.1088/0954-3899/15/8/006
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1988DE22      J.Phys.(London) G14, L131 (1988)

F.W.N.de Boer, J.Deutsch, J.Lehmann, R.Prieels, J.Steyaert

Search for Elusive Neutral Particles in Nuclear Decay

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 19F(p, α), E=2.4, 3.8 MeV; measured e+e-(θ); deduced exotic particle coupling limits, branching ratio upper limits.

doi: 10.1088/0305-4616/14/6/002
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1978BR18      Phys.Rev.Lett. 41, 299 (1978)

H.Brandle, G.Miklos, L.P.Roesch, V.L.Telegdi, P.Truttmann, A.Zehnder, L.Grenacs, P.Lebrun, J.Lehmann

Measurement of the Alignment-Positron-Momentum Correlation in 12N → 12C(g.s.) By the Spontaneous-Level-Mixing Technique: Improved Evidence Against a Second-Class Axial Current

RADIOACTIVITY 12N; measured alignment-positron-momentum correlation using spontaneous level mixing technique; deduced evidence against second-class axial current.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.41.299
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1978LE02      Phys.Rev.Lett. 40, 302 (1978)

P.Lebrun, Ph.Deschepper, L.Grenacs, J.Lehmann, C.Leroy, L.Palffy, A.Possoz, A.Maio

Measurement of the Correlation between Nuclear Alignment and Electron Direction in 12B Decay as a Direct Search for the Second-Class Axial-Vector Current

RADIOACTIVITY 12B; measured β(θ, H, t); deduced alignment correlation term. Oriented nuclei.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.40.302
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1975PA01      Phys.Rev.Lett. 34, 212 (1975)

L.Palffy, J.P.Deutsch, L.Grenacs, J.Lehmann, M.Steels

Comparison of the 16N-m(0-) β-Decay Rate with the Inverse Muon-Capture Rate: The Induced Pseudoscalar Form Factor in Nuclei

RADIOACTIVITY 16mN; measured Eβ, Eγ; deduced βγ- branching ratio, level, T1/2.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.34.212
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1974PO05      Phys.Lett. 50B, 438 (1974)

A.Possoz, D.Favart, L.Grenacs, J.Lehmann, P.Macq, D.Meda, L.Palffy, J.Julien, C.Samour

Measurement of the Average Polarization of 12B Produced by Polarized Muons in the μ- + 12C → ν(μ) + 12B Reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 11B(d, p), E=1.5 MeV; measured P(12B). 12C(μ, X); measured A(μ, X). 12B deduced average polarization induced by capture of polarized muons.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(74)90254-8
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1973VA23      Phys.Rev. C8, 2499 (1973)

S.Van der Linden, J.P.Deutsch, J.Lehmann, L.Palffy

Can We Trust 26Al-m (Question) A Search for Competitive Decay Branches

RADIOACTIVITY 26mAl; measured Eγ, Iγ, I(ce). 26Mg deduced transitions.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.8.2499
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1972LE30      J.Phys.(Paris) 33, 465 (1972)

J.Lehmann, M.Vanuffelen, J.Vervier

Schema de Desexcitation de 78Br

RADIOACTIVITY 78Br[from 75As(α, n)]; measured Eγ, Iγ; deduced log ft. 78Se deduced levels, J, π, γ-branching.

doi: 10.1051/jphys:01972003305-6046500
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1971PA28      Nuovo Cimento 3A, 505 (1971)

L.Palffy, J.Lehmann, L.Grenacs, M.Subotowicz

New Gamma-Ray Branching Ratios in 16N and their Implications on the Muon Partial Capture Rates in 16O

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 15N(d, pγ), E=0.9, 1.1, 1.8, 2.0, 2.8 MeV; measured σ(E;Eγ, θ(γ)). 16N deduced γ-branching ratios. Ge(Li) detectors.

1969LE10      Phys.Rev. 178, 153 (1969)


Nuclear Orientation of Cadmium-111 by Optical Pumping with the Resonance Line 51S0-51P1

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 111Cd; measured a for 5 1P1 state. Level-crossing experiment.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRev.178.153
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1968DE20      Phys.Letters 28B, 178 (1968)

J.P.Deutsch, L.Grenacs, J.Lehmann, P.Lipnik, P.C.Macq

Hyperfine Effect in the Mu-Mesonic 11B Atom and Information on 11Be from Muon Capture Measurements

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 11B(μ-, νμ), E=rest; measured σ(Eγ). 11Be deduced levels, J, π, T1/2. Ge(Li) detector.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(68)90010-5
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1967LE06      Nucl.Phys. A98, 273 (1967)


Spectrum Shape Measurement of Two Beta Transitions in 111Ag

RADIOACTIVITY 24Na, 111Ag; measured Eβ, β-spectrum shape.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(67)90139-X
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1967LE22      Ann.Phys. (Paris) 2, 345 (1967)


Etude de l'Orientation Nucleaire par Pompage Optique des Isotopes Impairs Stables du Cadmium

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 111,113Cd, 199Hg; measured hfs; deduced quadrupole moment.

1966LE03      Nucl.Phys. 75, 574 (1966)


Deviation from the Statistical Shape of 3/2+→1/2- β- Transition in in the Decay of 199Au

RADIOACTIVITY 199Au; measured β spectrum shape factor.

doi: 10.1016/0029-5582(66)90978-3
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1966LE20      Compt.Rend. 262B, 736 (1966)

M.Leduc, J.-C.Lehmann

Mesure Precise du Rapport des Moments Magnetiques Nucleaires des Isotopes 111 et 113 du Cadmium

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 113Cd; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

1966LE21      Compt.Rend. 263B, 740 (1966)

M.Leduc, J.Brossel, J.-C.Lehmann

Mesure du Rapport des Frequences de Resonance Magnetique Nucleaire de 199Hg et de 111Cd en Phase Vapeur

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 111Cd; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

1965LE11      Nucl.Phys. 68, 141(1965)


Beta-Spectrum Shape Factor of P32

RADIOACTIVITY 32P; measured β spectrum.

doi: 10.1016/0029-5582(65)90373-1
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1964LE09      J.Phys.(Paris) 25, 326 (1964); Erratum J.Phys.(Paris) 25, 767 (1964)


Forme de Spectre pour la Transition Beta de 965 keV dans 198Au

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 198Au, 24Na; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

doi: 10.1051/jphys:01964002503032600
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1963GR36      J.Phys. 24, 924 (1963)

L.Grenacs, E.Creutz, J.De Raedt, J.Lehmann

Comportement Anormal de la Correlation Directionnelle β-γ dans la Desintegration de 166Ho (27 h)

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 166Ho; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

doi: 10.1051/jphys:019630024011092400
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1963LE18      Compt.Rend. 257, 3152 (1963)

J.-C.Lehmann, R.Barbe

Mesure du Rapport des Moments Magnetiques Nucleaires de 199Hg et 201Hg

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 199Hg; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

1961DE26      J.Phys.Radium 22, 659 (1961)

J.P.Deutsch, L.Grenacs, J.Lehmann, P.Lipnik

Etude de la Cascade Beta-Gamma dans la Desexcitation de 86Rb

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 86Rb; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

doi: 10.1051/jphysrad:019610022010065901
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