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2016JI02      Eur.Phys.J. A 52, 36 (2016)

B.Jigmeddorj, P.E.Garrett, A.Diaz Varela, G.C.Ball, J.C.Bangay, D.S.Cross, G.A.Demand, A.B.Garnsworthy, K.L.Green, G.Hackman, W.D.Kulp, K.G.Leach, J.N.Orce, E.T.Rand, C.Sumithrarachchi, C.E.Svensson, S.Triambak, J.Wong, J.L.Wood, S.W.Yates

Conversion electron study of 110Cd: Evidence of new E0 branches

RADIOACTIVITY 110In(β+), (EC); measured Eγ, Iγ, X-rays, Ee, Ie, (X-ray)e--coin, γe--coin, γγ-coin at TRIUMF-ISAC; deduced conversion electrons K, L subshell ratios, γ-transitions, multipolarity, levels, J, π, K-conversion electron lines, conversion coefficients, E2/M1 mixing ratio, ρ2(E0) for the 4+3 to 4+1 transition. Subshell E2, M1 ratios, conversion coefficients compared to published calculations. 110,112,114,116Cd deduced systematics for γ-transitions connecting intruder and gs bands.

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2016-16036-y
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2011LE47      J.Phys.:Conf.Ser. 312, 092036 (2011)

K.G.Leach, P.E.Garrett, G.C.Ball, J.C.Bangay, L.Bianco, G.A.Demand, T.Faestermann, P.Finlay, K.L.Green, R.Hertenberger, R.Kriicken, A.A.Phillips, E.T.Rand, C.S.Sumithrarachchi, C.E.Svensson, I.S.Towner, S.Triambak, H.-F.Wirth, J.Wong

Experimental Guidance of ISB Corrections via Direct Nuclear Reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 64Zn(polarized d, d), (polarized d, t), E=22 MeV; measured Ep, Ip(θ), E(triton), I(triton, θ) using Q3D magnetic spectrograph; deduced elastic scattering σ(θ), vector analyzing power; calculated elastic scattering σ(θ), vector analyzing power using DWBA with isospin-symmetry breaking corrections and deuteron parameters from literature.

doi: 10.1088/1742-6596/312/9/092036
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