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2000GI07      Phys.Rev. C61, 054615 (2000)

R.A.Giannelli, B.G.Ritchie, J.M.Applegate, E.Beck, J.Beck, A.O.Vanderpool, C.L.Morris, M.Rawool-Sullivan, M.K.Jones, R.D.Ransome, M.Yadav, D.L.Watson, K.O.Oganesjan, E.A.Pasyuk, F.F.Guber, A.I.Reshetin

Multiproton Final States in Positive Pion Absorption below the Δ(1232) Resonance

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 6Li, 12C, 27Al, 58Ni, 208Pb(π+, 2p), (π+, 3p), (π+, n2p), (π+, n3p), (π+, 4p), (π+, xp), E=30-135 MeV; measured proton spectra, σ, σ(θ); deduced mass, energy dependences, quasideuteron absorption contribution.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.61.054615
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1993KO17      Phys.Rev. C48, 250 (1993)

C.M.Kormanyos, R.J.Peterson, J.Applegate, J.Beck, T.D.Averett, B.G.Ritchie, C.L.Morris, J.McGill, D.S.Oakley

Low-Energy Pion Scattering to 1- States in 12C

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(π+, π+'), (π-, π-'), E=40, 50, 65 MeV; measured σ(θ). 12C deduced level energies, Γ, sum rule strengths. DWIA analysis.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.48.250
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1993WA02      Phys.Rev. C47, 687 (1993)

H.Ward, J.M.Applegate, N.Auerbach, J.Beck, J.Johnson, K.Koch, C.F.Moore, S.Mordechai, C.L.Morris, J.M.O'Donnell, M.Rawool-Sullivan, B.G.Ritchie, D.L.Watson, C.Whitley

Systematics of the Double Isobaric Analog State Cross Section at 50 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 44Ca, 56Fe, 93Nb(π+, π-), E=50 MeV; measured σ(θ, E(π)); deduced short range component of effective double charge exchange operator. 93Tc level deduced isospin mixing mechanism role in excitation.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.47.687
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1992OD02      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. A317, 445 (1992)

J.M.O'Donnell, J.Davis, R.A.DeHaven, E.Gray, R.Johnson, R.E.Lomax, B.J.McCloud, J.A.McGill, C.L.Morris, J.Novak, B.Rusnak, G.Tubb, J.M.Applegate, T.D.Averett, J.Beck, B.G.Ritchie, E.Haebel, D.Kiehlmann, U.Klein, M.Peiniger, P.Schafer, H.Vogel, H.Ward, C.F.Moore

A Superconducting Radio-Frequency Cavity for Manipulating the Phase Space of Pion Beams at LAMPF

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 93Nb(π+, π+), E=50 MeV; 12C(π+, π+'), E=50 MeV; measured spectra. Superconducting radio-frequency cavity, pion beam phase space manipulation.

doi: 10.1016/0168-9002(92)90988-G
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1977CO05      Phys.Rev.Lett. 38, 940 (1977)

T.M.Cormier, J.Applegate, G.M.Berkowitz, P.Braun-Munzinger, P.M.Cormier, J.W.Harris, C.M.Jachcinski, L.L.Lee, Jr., J.Barrette, H.E.Wegner

Molecular Resonances in 12C + 12C Inelastic Scattering

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(12C, 12C'), E(cm)=15-45 MeV; measured total σ(E) for 2+→0+ transitions. 24Mg deduced resonances, J, π, Γ.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.38.940
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