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2023SW02      Appl.Radiat.Isot. 195, 110743 (2023)

H.L.Swami, A.Saxena, S.Vala, M.Abhangi, R.Kumar, R.Kumar

Neutronic simulation of medical radioisotope 99Mo and 177Lu production in IPR 14 MeV neutron generator facility

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 98Mo, 176Lu, 176Yb(n, γ), 100Mo(n, 2n), E ∼ 14 MeV; calculated yields using ENDF/B-VII.0 data for an accelerator based 14 MeV neutron generator at Institute for Plasma Research India.

doi: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2023.110743
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