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1996BB25      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. A383, 64 (1996)

C.Bauer, I.Baumann, C.Colledani, J.Conway, P.Delpierre, F.Djama, W.Dulinski, A.Fallou, K.K.Gan, R.S.Gilmore, E.Grigoriev, G.Hallewell, S.Han, T.Hessing, K.Honscheid, J.Hrubec, D.Husson, R.James, H.Kagan, D.Kania, R.Kass, K.T.Knopfle, M.Krammer, T.J.Llewellyn, P.F.Manfredi, D.Meier, L.S.Pan, H.Pernegger, M.Pernicka, V.Re, S.Roe, D.Roff, A.Rudge, M.Schaeffer, M.Schieber, S.Schnetzer, S.Somalwar, V.Speziali, R.Stone, R.J.Tapper, R.Tesarek, W.Trischuk, R.Turchetta, G.B.Thomson, R.Wagner, P.Weilhammer, C.White, H.J.Ziock, M.Zoeller

Recent Results from the RD42 Diamond Detector Collaboration

doi: 10.1016/S0168-9002(96)00659-6
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1994GU06      Phys.Rev.Lett. 72, 3000 (1994)

P.Gu, P.Haas, W.P.Hogan, S.K.Kim, J.N.Matthews, S.S.Myung, S.Schnetzer, G.B.Thomson, Y.Zou, K.Arisaka, D.Roberts, W.Slater, M.Weaver, R.A.Briere, E.Cheu, D.A.Harris, K.S.McFarland, A.Roodman, B.Schwingenheuer, S.V.Somalwar, Y.W.Wah, B.Winstein, R.Winston, A.R.Barker, E.C.Swallow, G.J.Bock, R.Coleman, M.Crisler, J.Enagonio, R.Ford, Y.B.Hsiung, D.A.Jensen, E.Ramberg, R.Tschirhart, E.M.Collins, G.D.Gollin, T.Nakaya, T.Yamanaka

Measurement of the Branching Ratio and a Study of CP for the Leptonic Decay K(L) → e+e-e+e-

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.72.3000
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