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1992BO39      Hyperfine Interactions 75, 307 (1992)

M.G.Booth, P.A.Harding, B.Kastelein, M.Lindroos, H.Postma, S.Ohya, P.Richards, J.Rikovska, N.J.Stone, M.Veskovic, and the NICOLE and ISOLDE Collaborations

Hyperfine Interactions of Light Ir, Re Isotopes in Iron

RADIOACTIVITY 180Hg(α); 182,183Hg(β+), (EC); measured γ-anisotropy vs temperature, oriented nuclei. 180,182,183Ir, 180,179Re deduced μ, oriented state spin combinations.

doi: 10.1007/BF02398987
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1992KA44      Hyperfine Interactions 73, 357 (1992)

B.Kastelein, H.J.van der Marel, J.Andriessen, H.Postma, F.Pleiter

Study of Electric Quadrupole Interactions of 111In and 111Cd following Ion Implantation of 111In into Graphite

RADIOACTIVITY 111In(EC); measured γ-anisotropy, oriented nuclei, γγ(θ, H, t); deduced 111In, 111Cd electric quadrupole interaction. Implantation into highly oriented pyrolytic graphite.

doi: 10.1007/BF02418610
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1992KA48      Hyperfine Interactions 75, 315 (1992)

B.Kastelein, H.Postma, J.Andriessen

Nuclear Electric Quadrupole Interaction of Implanted Ions in Graphite

RADIOACTIVITY 182mRe(β+), (EC); 183Re(EC) [from Ta(α, xn), E=28 MeV]; measured γ-anistropoy. 188,189Hg(β+), (EC); measured γ-anisotropy. 203Hg(IT); 69mZn(β-); measured γ-anisotropy, different implantation conditions; deduced electric field gradient. 189Ir deduced transition δ(E2/M1), quadrupole moment. 188Ir transition deduced δ. 111In (EC); measured γ-anisotropy; deduced electric field gradient. Oriented nuclei, ion implantation in graplite. Model comparison.

doi: 10.1007/BF02398988
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1992KA49      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. A316, 158 (1992)

B.Kastelein, J.K.W.M.Vemer, H.J.van der Marel, H.Postma

Electric Quadrupole Orientation of 188,189Ir in Graphite

RADIOACTIVITY 188Ir(β+), (EC); 189Ir(EC) [from 188,189Hg(EC-decay)]; measured γ(θ), oriented nuclei, low temperature; deduced electric quadrupole interaction, field gradient in highly oriented pyrolytic graphite. 189Ir deduced quadrupole moment. 188Ir deduced level J, δ.

doi: 10.1016/0168-9002(92)90898-E
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1992RO21      Hyperfine Interactions 75, 457 (1992)

I.Romanski, I.Berkes, D.E.Brown, M.De Jesus, R.Eder, I.S.Grant, E.Hagn, P.Harding, P.Herzog, B.Hinfurtner, B.Kastelein, H.Postma, J.Prinz, P.Richards, K.Schlosser, N.J.Stone, L.Vanneste, E.Zech, and the NICOLE and ISOLDE Collaborations

Time-Resolved and Time-Integral On-Line Nuclear Orientation Measurements of Neutron-Deficient Hg-Au-Pt-Ir Nuclei

RADIOACTIVITY 182,183,184,186Hg(β+), (EC) [from Pb(3He, X), E=600, 910 MeV]; measured γ-anisotropy vs temperature. 183Ir level deduced μ for two possible J. 183Pt deduced isomer μ. 184Au levels deduced g-factors. Time resolved, time integral on-line nuclear orientation techniques, Fe host.

doi: 10.1007/BF02399003
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1990ED01      Hyperfine Interactions 59, 83 (1990)

R.Eder, I.Berkes, D.E.Brown, I.S.Grant, E.Hagn, P.Harding, R.Hassani, P.Herzog, B.Kastelein, A.Knipper, G.Marguier, M.Massaq, S.Ohya, H.Postma, J.Prinz, C.Richard-Serre, I.Romanski, K.Schlosser, N.J.Stone, W.Vanderpoorten, J.Vanhaverbeke, L.Vanneste, T.Woelfle, E.Zech, and the ISOLDE Collaboration

NICOLE: New on-line orientation facility at ISOLDE/CERN

RADIOACTIVITY 187,185,189Pt, 186mIr; measured NMR, on-line orientation. 187,185,189Pt levels deduced μ, electric quadrupole moments, ratio. 186Ir deduced isomer μ, J. 184Hg; measured γ(θ), anisotropy vs temperature, I(ce). 184Au levels deduced T1/2, decay scheme. Off-line, on-line orientation techniques.

doi: 10.1007/BF02401196
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1988KA35      Hyperfine Interactions 43, 503 (1988)

B.Kastelein, B.Borst, J.de Jong, H.Postma, H.C.Meijer

Nuclear Alignment of Implanted 160Tb in Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite Layers

RADIOACTIVITY 160Tb(β-); measured γ(θ), oriented nuclei; deduced hyperfine parameters.

1987KA34      Hyperfine Interactions 35, 895 (1987)

B.Kastelein, A.den Ouden, H.Postma, H.C.Meijer, P.W.Martin, J.G.Hooley

Electric Quadrupole Nuclear Orientation of 182Ta as Graphite Intercalation Compound TaCl(5)

RADIOACTIVITY 182Ta(β-); measured γ(θ), oriented nuclei; deduced electric field gradient in TaCl.

doi: 10.1007/BF02394518
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