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1999LA34      Hyperfine Interactions 118, 79 (1999)

B.Lauss, P.Ackerbauer, W.H.Breunlich, M.Cargnelli, D.Chatellard, H.Daniel, J.-P.Egger, B.Gartner, F.J.Hartmann, E.Jeannet, M.Jeitler, P.Kammel, A.Kosak, J.Marton, C.Petitjean, W.Prymas, J.Zmeskal

Hydrogen/deuterium-mixtures as a laboratory for the study of the muonic cascade and muon-catalyzed fusion

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1,2H(μ-, X), E at rest; measured X-ray spectra. 2H(p, X), (d, X), E=low; measured Eγ, muon-catalyzed fusion rates.

doi: 10.1023/A:1012684503009
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