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1996FE16      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. B117, 156 (1996)

J.O.Fernandez Niello, D.Abriola, D.E.Alvarez, O.A.Capurro, M.di Tada, A.Etchegoyen, A.M.J.Ferrero, G.V.Marti, A.J.Pacheco, J.E.Testoni, G.Korschinek

Developments of AMS at the TANDAR Accelerator

doi: 10.1016/0168-583X(96)00223-6
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1995GI02      Phys.Rev. C51, 1336 (1995)

S.Gil, F.Hasenbalg, J.E.Testoni, D.Abriola, M.C.Berisso, M.di Tada, A.Etchegoyen, J.O.Fernandez Niello, A.J.Pacheco, A.Charlop, A.A.Sonzogni, R.Vandenbosch

Fusion Cross Sections in Systems Leading to 170Hf at Near-Barrier Energies

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 142Ce(28Si, X), E=105-145 MeV; 138Ba(32S, X), E=122-165 MeV; 122Sn(48Ti, X), E=169-222 MeV; measured E X-ray, I X-ray following fragment decay; deduced evaporation residue σ, fusion σ(E), barrier parameters.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.51.1336
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1994CH06      Phys.Rev. C49, R1235 (1994)

A.Charlop, J.Bierman, Z.Drebi, A.Garcia, D.Prindle, A.A.Sonzogni, R.Vandenbosch, D.Ye, S.Gil, F.Hasenbalg, J.E.Testoni, D.Abriola, M.di Tada, A.Etchegoyen, M.C.Berisso, J.O.Fernandez-Niello, A.J.Pacheco

Absence of Anomalous Entrance Channel Effects in Sub-Barrier Heavy Ion Fusion

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 142Ce(28Si, X), 138Ba(32S, X), 122Sn(48Ti, X), E not given; measured fusion σ(E), γ multiplicity; deduced mean angular momentum. Coupled channels analysis.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.49.R1235
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1994GO01      Phys.Rev. C49, 245 (1994)

P.R.S.Gomes, I.C.Charret, R.Wanis, G.M.Sigaud, V.R.Vanin, R.Liguori Neto, D.Abriola, O.A.Capurro, D.E.DiGregorio, M.di Tada, G.Duchene, M.Elgue, A.Etchegoyen, J.O.Fernandez Niello, A.M.J.Ferrero, S.Gil, A.O.Macchiavelli, A.J.Pacheco, J.E.Testoni

Fusion of 32S + 154Sm at Sub-Barrier Energies

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 154Sm(32S, xnypzα), E=122-155 MeV; measured E X-ray, I X-ray; deduced fusion-evaporation σ(E); calculated evaporation residue, fission, fusion σ(E). 154Sm(α, X), (12C, X), (16O, X), (28Si, X), (32S, X), (40Ar, X), E not given; calculated fusion σ(E).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.49.245
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1993DI04      Phys.Rev. C47, 2970 (1993)

M.di Tada, D.E.DiGregorio, D.Abriola, O.A.Capurro, G.Duchene, M.Elgue, A.Etchegoyen, J.O.Fernandez Niello, A.M.J.Ferrero, A.J.Pacheco, P.R.Silveira Gomes, J.E.Testoni

Sub-Barrier Fusion of 16O + 144Nd

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 144Nd(16O, X), E(cm)=54-67.5 MeV; measured X-ray spectra; deduced fusion σ(E). Barrier penetration model, inelastic channels.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.47.2970
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1993FI03      Nucl.Phys. A552, 125 (1993)

L.K.Fifield, W.N.Catford, N.A.Orr, T.R.Ophel, A.Etchegoyen, M.C.Etchegoyen

Charge-Exchange Reactions on 36S

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 36S(7Li, 7Be), E=54 MeV; 36S(11B, 11C), E=81 MeV; 36S(13C, 13N), E=94.5 MeV; 36S(13C, 13C), E=98 MeV; 36S(18O, 18F), E=124 MeV; 36S(18O, 18O), E=112 MeV; measured σ(θ), spectra; deduced optical potentials, reaction mechanism.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(93)90335-U
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1992AB04      Phys.Rev. C46, 244 (1992)

D.Abriola, A.A.Sonzogni, M.di Tada, A.Etchegoyen, M.C.Etchegoyen, J.O.Fernandez Niello, S.Gil, A.O.Macchiavelli, A.J.Pacheco, R.Piegaia, J.E.Testoni

Fusion and Elastic Scattering for the 12C + 144Sm System at Energies Near to the Coulomb Barrier

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 144Sm(12C, X), E=46.5-75 MeV; 144Sm(12C, 12C), E=49-63 MeV; measured σ(E), σ(E, θ); deduced optical model parameters. Enriched targets, X-ray, γ-spectroscopy. Energy-dependent potentials.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.46.244
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1991FE02      Phys.Rev. C43, 2303 (1991)

J.O.Fernandez Niello, M.diTada, A.O.Macchiavelli, A.J.Pacheco, D.Abriola, M.Elgue, A.Etchegoyen, M.C.Etchegoyen, S.Gil, J.E.Testoni

Hexadecapole Deformation Effects in Subbarier Fusion Reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 176Yb, 166Er(16O, X), E=64.5-103 MeV; measured fusion σ(E); deduced deformations role. Delayed X-ray emission activity measured.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.43.2303
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1990ET01      Nucl.Phys. A518, 572 (1990)

M.C.Etchegoyen, A.Etchegoyen, A.O.Macchiavelli, G.Crawley, C.Djalali, M.Renteria, A.Szanto de Toledo, G.Westfall

18O + 58Ni Reaction at 35 MeV/Nucleon

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 58Ni(18O, X), E=630 MeV; measured fragment σ(θ), σ(Z, A) vs fragment momentum, integrated σ, fragments momentum width; deduced distribution reduced width.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(90)90147-E
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1990GI07      Phys.Rev.Lett. 65, 3100 (1990)

S.Gil, D.Abriola, D.E.DiGregorio, M.diTada, M.Elgue, A.Etchegoyen, M.C.Etchegoyen, J.Fernandez Niello, A.M.J.Ferrero, A.O.Macchiavelli, A.J.Pacheco, J.E.Testoni, P.Silveira-Gomes, V.R.Vanin, A.Charlop, A.Garcia, S.Kailas, S.J.Luke, E.Renshaw, R.Vandenbosch

Observation of Mean-Spin Barrier Bump in Sub-Barrier Fusion of 28Si with 154Sm

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 154Sm(28Si, X), E=107-144 MeV; 166Er(16O, X), E=75-100 MeV; measured γ-multiplicity; deduced fusion σ(E). 182Os deduced spin distribution first moment vs E.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.65.3100
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1990ME07      Phys.Rev. C41, 2654 (1990)

A.Menchaca-Rocha, E.Belmont-Moreno, M.E.Brandan, A.Martinez, D.Abriola, M.Elgue, A.Etchegoyen, M.C.Etchegoyen, J.O.Fernandez-Niello, D.E.DiGregorio, M.diTada, A.O.Macchiavelli, A.J.Pacheco, J.E.Testoni

Search for a Valence-Neutron-Induced Enhancement in the Sub-Barrier Fusion of 32S + 12,13C

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 32S(12C, X), (13C, X), E=47-72 MeV; measured evaporation residues σ(θ); deduced fusion σ. Schematic coupled channel calculations.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.41.2654
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1989AB03      Phys.Rev. C39, 546 (1989)

D.Abriola, D.DiGregorio, J.E.Testoni, A.Etchegoyen, M.C.Etchegoyen, J.O.Fernandez Niello, A.M.J.Ferrero, S.Gil, A.O.Macchiavelli, A.J.Pacheco, J.Kittl

Energy Dependence of the Optical Potential for the 16O + 144Sm System Near the Coulomb Barrier

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 144Sm(16O, 16O), (16O, 16O'), E=61-76.3 MeV; measured σ(θ), σ(E); deduced model parameters. Optical model and DWBA analyses, energy-dependent potentials.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.39.546
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetO1607.

1989DI01      Phys.Rev. C39, 516 (1989)

D.E.DiGregorio, M.diTada, D.Abriola, M.Elgue, A.Etchegoyen, M.C.Etchegoyen, J.O.Fernandez Niello, A.M.J.Ferrero, S.Gil, A.O.Macchiavelli, A.J.Pacheco, J.E.Testoni, P.R.Silveira Gomes, V.R.Vanin, R.Liguori Neto, E.Crema, R.G.Stokstad

Subbarrier Fusion of 16O + 147,149Sm

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 147,149Sm(16O, X), (16O, n), (16O, 3n), (16O, 4n), (16O, xnα), E=61-75 MeV; measured fusion σ(E), residual relative yield vs E.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.39.516
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetO1606.

1989ET01      Phys.Rev. C39, 680 (1989)

A.Etchegoyen, M.C.Etchegoyen, B.H.Wildenthal

Neutron-Proton Weak Coupling: Reducing shell-model dimensions by truncations in the neutron and proton subspaces

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 20,22Ne; calculated levles, B(E2). Shell model truncations, separate neutron, proton subspaces.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.39.680
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1989ET02      Phys.Rev. C39, 1130 (1989)

A.Etchegoyen, P.Federman, E.G.Vergini

Importance of the Neutron-Proton Interaction for Zr Isotopes

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 100,102,104Zr; calculated levels. Shell model method.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.39.1130
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1989ET03      Phys.Lett. 231B, 224 (1989)

A.Etchegoyen, E.D.Izquierdo, M.C.Etchegoyen

Tensor Force in Single-Nucleon Knock-On Exchange in Heavy-Ion Reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 10B(7Li, 7Be), E=39 MeV; calculated σ(θ). Single nucleon knock-on mechanism.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(89)90203-7
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1988ET01      Phys.Rev. C38, 1382 (1988)

M.C.Etchegoyen, A.Etchegoyen, B.H.Wildenthal, B.A.Brown, J.Keinonen

Analysis of Magnetic Dipole Transitions between sd-Shell States

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE A=18-38; calculated B(M1); deduced effective magnetic dipole operator. Shell model.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.38.1382
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1988ET02      Phys.Rev. C38, 2124 (1988)

A.Etchegoyen, M.C.Etchegoyen, E.D.Izquierdo, D.Abriola, D.E.Di Gregorio, J.O.Fernandez Niello, A.M.J.Ferrero, S.Gil, A.O.Macchiavelli, A.J.Pacheco, J.E.Testoni

10B(7Li, 7Be)10Be Charge-Exchange Reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 10B(7Li, 7Be), 10B(7Li, 7Li), E=39 MeV; measured σ(E(7Be)), σ(θ); deduced reaction mechanism. Microscopic DWBA analyses, different nucleon-nucleon interactions.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.38.2124
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetO1604.

1988PA23      Z.Phys. A331, 451 (1988)

A.J.Pacheco, A.O.Macchiavelli, D.Abriola, D.E.DiGregorio, A.Etchegoyen, M.C.Etchegoyen, J.O.Fernandez Niello, A.M.J.Ferrero, S.Gil, J.A.Kittl, J.E.Testoni

Near-Barrier Transfer in 16O + 144,154Sm

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 144,154Sm(16O, X), E=65, 72 MeV; measured σ(fragment θ) for X=N, C; deduced charged particle transfer σ, reaction mechanism.

Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetO1721.

1987KI19      Nucl.Phys. A471, 587 (1987)

J.A.Kittl, J.E.Testoni, A.O.Macchiavelli, A.J.Pacheco, D.Abriola, D.E. Di Gregorio, A.Etchegoyen, M.C.Etchegoyen, J.O.Fernandez Niello, A.M.J.Ferrero, S.Gil

Scattering, Fusion and Transfer Reactions in 16O+(A)(Sm) at Energies Close to the Coulomb Barrier

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 144Sm(16O, X), (16O, 16O), (16O, 16O'), E=61-72.3; 148Sm(16O, X), (16O, 16O), (16O, 16O'), E=59-75 MeV; 152,154,150Sm(16O, 16O), (16O, X), (16O, 16O'), E=60-75 MeV; analyzed elastic, inelastic σ(θ), fusion, transfer σ(E). Intrinsic coordinate dependent phase shifts, equivalent spheres formalism.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(87)90101-1
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1984ET01      J.Phys.(London) G10, 823 (1984)

M.C.Etchegoyen, A.Etchegoyen, E.Blemont Moreno

Three-Particle Transfer on 14N

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 17F, 17O; calculated levels, three-nucleon parentage amplitudes. Shell model.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 14N(6Li, t), (6Li, 3He), E=36 MeV; measured σ(θ), 3Heα(θ), tα(θ); deduced three-particle transfer process high selectivity, optical model parameters. 6Li level deduced weak triton plus 3He clustering. 17F, 17O levels deduced J, π. Exact finite-range DWBA analysis, shell model calculations.

doi: 10.1088/0305-4616/10/6/015
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1984FE04      Phys.Lett. 140B, 269 (1984)

P.Federman, S.Pittel, A.Etchegoyen

Quenching of the 2p1/2 - 2p3/2 Proton Spin-Orbit Splitting in the Sr-Zr Region

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 88,90,92,94,96,98Sr; analyzed 2+ level systematics; deduced 2p-proton spin-orbit splitting quenching role. Shell model.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(84)90750-0
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1983ET01      Nucl.Phys. A397, 343 (1983)

A.Etchegoyen, D.Sinclair, S.Liu, M.C.Etchegoyen, D.K.Scott, D.L.Hendrie

A Study of the 26Mg(12C, 12B)26Al Charge Exchange Reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 26Mg(12C, 12B), E=102 MeV; measured σ(θ); deduced reaction mechanism. Microscopic DWBA, coupled reaction channel models.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(83)90107-0
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1983ET02      Nucl.Phys. A402, 87 (1983)

M.C.Etchegoyen, D.Sinclair, A.Etchegoyen, E.Belmont Moreno

Spin Determination via α - d Angular Correlations and α-Transfer DWBA Analysis in 18F High-Energy States

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 14N(6Li, d), E=36 MeV; measured σ(θd), αd(θ). 18F resonances deduced J, π, α-branching, Sα. Optical model, Hauser-Feshbach, exact finite-range DWBA analyses, cluster model interpretation.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(83)90563-8
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1981GO02      Nucl.Phys. A351, 519 (1981)

N.S.Godwin, W.D.M.Rae, B.Cooke, A.Etchegoyen, N.J.Eyre, P.S.Fisher, G.Proudfoot, D.Sinclair

A Study of Three-Nucleon Transfer Reactions on 18O

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 18O(11B, 8Li), (12C, 9Be), E=115 MeV; 18O(13C, 10B), E=105 MeV; measured σ(E(8Li)), σ(E(9Be)), σ(E(10B)). Shell model, semiclassical reaction model. Enriched gas target.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(81)90186-X
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1981GO11      Nucl.Phys. A363, 493 (1981)

N.S.Godwin, W.D.M.Rae, B.Cooke, A.Etchegoyen, N.J.Eyre, P.S.Fisher, G.Proudfoot, D.Sinclair

A DWBA Analysis of Heavy-Ion Induced Three-Nucleon Transfer Reactions on 15N, 16O and 18O

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 15N, 16,18O(11B, 8Li), (12C, 9Be), E=115 MeV; 15N, 16,18O(13C, 10B), E=105 MeV; measured σ(θ). DWBA analysis. Enriched gas target.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(81)90270-0
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