Asteroids and Neutronics - Part 2

WANDA 2021 - Expanding Benchmarks

Nuclear Data 101 Lecture Series

Nuclear Science References (NSR) Database

By Boris Pritychenko

EXFOR Video Guides

By Victor Zerkin

Nuclear Data Needs for Applications

Learning Modules on Critical Experiments and Nuclear Data

Created by the Nuclear Criticality Safety Program, U.S. Department of Energy

NNDC Web Tutorials

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Cross-Variable Plot Original Tweet

The Advanced Cross-Variable Plot can graph 34 distinct nuclear properties as functions of each other:

MIRD Original Tweet

The MIRD website provides information on dosage and decay for medical isotopes:

NuDat - Adopted Levels Original Tweet

NuDat can provide a comprehensive summary of a nuclide's excited states and gamma transitions:

Wallet Cards Search Original Tweet

Reminder: If you don't have a copy of the Nuclear Wallet Cards, you can still find ground- and isomer-state properties using the online search:

Sigma Original Tweet

The Sigma web app can plot comparisons of cross-section data sets from ENDF and EXFOR:

CapGam Original Tweet

CapGam enables searching for thermal neutron capture datasets according to energy range or target nuclide:

Chart of ENSDF Original Tweet

Update: The ENSDF chart interface has been streamlined, and now enables keyboard navigation:

NuDat - Level Schemes Original Tweet

NuDat can provide diagrams of excitation levels and gamma transitions for individual nuclides:

NuDat - J vs. E Plots Original Tweet

NuDat's J vs. E plot can graph changes in spin-parity and energy as a nuclide transitions through excitation states:

NuDat - Chart Colors Original Tweet

NuDat's #ChartOfNuclides can be re-colored using different observable nuclear properties, including:
- half-life
- decay mode
- capture cross-section probability
- fission yield probability

Q-Value Calculator Original Tweet

The Q-Value Calculator computes energy values released during nuclear decay:

EXFOR Original Tweet

The EXFOR library web app provides a reference for datasets compiled from observations in thousands of nuclear reaction experiments:

ΒΒ-Decay Original Tweet

Data on double beta decay transitions can be found here:

Levels & Gammas Search Original Tweet

NuDat's Levels and Gammas Search provides options for analyzing gamma rays across ranges of nuclei and energy levels:

Astro Original Tweet

The Astro web application can calculate Maxwellian-averaged cross-sections and reaction rates using the ENDF, JEFF, JENDL, ROSFOND, and CENDL libraries:

NSR Original Tweet

Nuclear physics research articles and papers can be found on the NSR website:

B(E2) Original Tweet

Adopted values and references for reduced transition probabilities B(E2; 0+ 2+) can be found here:

LogFT Original Tweet

Given info about a parent nuclide and its decay "daughter," log(ft) values for beta decay can be calculated here:

CINDA Original Tweet

The CINDA database provides bibliographic references for neutron cross-sections and other microscopic neutron data.

ENDF Original Tweet

The ENDF website can be used to retrieve and plot cross-section data from the ENDF/B-VIII library.

ENSDF Archives Original Tweet

If you need to download previous versions of ENSDF, you can find archived .zip files here:

NuDat - Decay Radiation Search Original Tweet

FYI - NuDat's Decay Radiation Search can help you find data for a specific nuclide, or across several different targets and types: