Evaluated Nuclear Data File (ENDF)

ENDF/B-VIII.0: The 8th Major Release of the Nuclear Reaction Data Library with CIELO-project Cross Sections, New Standards and Thermal Scattering Data        ENDF/B-VIII.0 released February 2, 2018 

ENDF/B-VIII.0 fully incorporates the new Neutron Data Standards, includes improved thermal
neutron scattering data and uses new evaluated data from the Coordinated International
Evaluation Library Organization (CIELO) pilot project for neutron reactions on 1H, 16O, 56Fe,
235U, 238U and 239Pu. Notable advances include updated evaluated data for light nuclei,
structural materials, actinides, fission energy release, prompt fission neutron and gamma-ray
spectra, thermal neutron scattering data, and charged-particle reactions.
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ENDF/B-VIII.0  (USA, 2018)
ENDF/B-VII.1  (USA, 2011)
JEFF-3.3  (Europe, 2017)
JENDL-5  (Japan, 2021)
CENDL-3.2  (China, 2020)
ROSFOND  (Russia, 2010)

Database Manager: David Brown, NNDC, Brookhaven National Laboratory (dbrown@bnl.gov)
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Web Programming: Boris Pritychenko, NNDC, Brookhaven National Laboratory (pritychenko@bnl.gov)
Data Source: CSEWG (www.nndc.bnl.gov/csewg/) and NEA WPEC (www.nea.fr/html/science/wpec/)