About the NNDC


The National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC) collects, evaluates, and disseminates nuclear physics data for basic nuclear research and applied nuclear technologies. The NNDC is a worldwide resource for nuclear data. The information available to the users of NNDC services is the product of the combined efforts of the NNDC and cooperating data centers and other interested groups, both in the United States and worldwide.

The NNDC specializes in the following areas:

The NNDC includes scientific, professional and support staff, as listed below. Additionally, database work is performed by PhD scientists under contract with the NNDC.


National Nuclear Data Center
Building 817
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, NY 11973-5000
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Phone: (631) 344-2902
Fax: (631) 344-2806
E-mail: nndc@bnl.gov


Center Head David Brown (631) 344-2814 dbrown@bnl.gov
Deputy Head Elizabeth Ricard-McCutchan (631) 344-5096 mccutchan@bnl.gov
NNDC Office Cat Dunn (631) 344-5590 cdunn@bnl.gov

For technical questions, please use the following list:

ENDF David Brown (631) 344-2814 dbrown@bnl.gov
Webmaster Benjamin Shu (631) 344-7161 bshu@bnl.gov
Boris Pritychenko (631) 344-5091 pritychenko@bnl.gov
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Nuclear Data Sheets
Elizabeth McCutchan (631) 344-5096 mccutchan@bnl.gov
NuDat Donnie Mason (631) 344-2961 dmason@bnl.gov


Staff Member
Ramon Arcilla (631) 344-5086 arcilla@bnl.gov
David Brown (631) 344-2814 dbrown@bnl.gov
Emanuel Chimanski (631) 344-5319 echimansk@bnl.gov
Cat Dunn (631) 344-5590 cdunn@bnl.gov
Donnie Mason (631) 344-2961 dmason@bnl.gov
Andrea Mattera (631) 344-6339 amattera@bnl.gov
Elizabeth McCutchan (631) 344-5096 mccutchan@bnl.gov
Christopher Morse (631) 344-2659 cmorse@bnl.gov
Gustavo Nobre (631) 344-5205 gnobre@bnl.gov
Shuya Ota (631) 344-2305 sota@bnl.gov
Boris Pritychenko (631) 344-5091 pritychenko@bnl.gov
Benjamin Shu (631) 344-7161 bshu@bnl.gov
Sanjanee Waniganeththi (631) 344-8924 swanigane@bnl.gov
Jin Wu (631) 344-4527 jwu2@bnl.gov

Web Statistics

The NNDC has provided remote electronic access to its databases and other information since 1986.
Access via the Web started in 1994.

The figure below shows the time evolution of the number of electronic retrievals - web, telnet and FTP - from 1996 to present.


The NNDC traces its roots back to as early as the foundation of Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) in 1947. In 1952, with the Brookhaven Neutron Cross Section Compilation Group in the Physics Department at BNL was formed. This group published the first edition of the well-known reference book BNL-325 (Neutron Cross Sections) in 1955.

In 1961, the Sigma Center was moved to the Reactor Physics Division of the Nuclear Engineering (NE) Department and continued this work. The Brookhaven Neutron Cross Section Compilation Group and the Sigma Center were merged in 1967 and the new Center was designated as the National Neutron Cross Section Center (NNCSC) by the Atomic Energy Commission.

In 1977, the Center was given the additional responsibility for nuclear structure and decay data by the Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA), the predecessor of the Department of Energy, and its name was then changed to the National Nuclear Data Center

The following people have served as head of the NNDC:

An updated version the NNDC's history, prepared on its 50th anniversary, can be found here.