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Data are available for materials with a cyan background.

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Version History:
New:(December 2011)
     • ENDF/B-VII.1 evaluated neutron library.
New in version 3.1 (October 2009)
     • ROSFOND evaluated neutron library.
     • CENDL-3.1 evaluated neutron library.
     • Fission yields.
     • Pre-calculated integral quantities.
     • Improved zooming.
New in version 3.0 (February 2009)
     • Energy-angle distributions (MF=6).
     • Visualization of covariances (MF=33 with LB=1,5; applies to ~80% of cases).
       Visualization of resonance data (MF=32) is not yet available.

     • Thermal neutron cross sections & resonance integrals for (n,γ), (n,total fission).
New in version 2.0 (April 2008)
     • Angular distributions of emitted neutrons (if available in MF=4).
     • Energy distributions of emitted neutrons and photons (if available in MF=5).
     • Computations (mathematical operations) on cross sections (MF=3).
New in version 1.0 (April 2007)
     • Interactive access to ENDF/B-VII.0, JEFF-3.1, JENDL-3.3, ENDF/B-VI.8 libraries.
     • Neutron cross section distributions (MF=3).
     • Experimental data in EXFOR format.