Author: Balraj Singh |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 135, 193 (2016) |  Cutoff date: 31-May-2016 

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S(n)= 13830 keV SYS(p)= 1820 keV SYQ(α)= -2870 keV SY
Reference: 2012WA38

General Comments:

1999Ja02, 1999Bl08, 1997Re12: 79Zr identified in the fragmentation of 92Mo beam at 60 MeV/nucleon with a nickel target and analysis with LISE3 spectrometer at GANIL.

2001Ki13, 2007WeZX (also 2000StZU) identified 79Zr in 9Be(112Sn,X),E=1 GeV/nucleon beam-fragmentation reaction, followed by β+, Eγ and T1/2 measurements.

1992Ye04: tentative evidence for the existence of 79Zr was also presented in a mass-spectrum figure from 58Ni(92Mo,X) reaction at 70 MeV/nucleon

Nuclear structure calculations: 2001Pa02: levels, J, π

Q-value: Estimated uncertainties (2012Wa38): 640 for S(n), 570 for S(p), 460 for Q(α)

Q-value: S(2p)=3830 400, Q(εp)=8830 400 (syst,2012Wa38). S(2n)=30640 (theory,1997Mo25)

  0 56 ms 30 
% ε = 100
% εp = ?

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Additional Level Data and Comments:


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