Author: C.D. Nesaraja |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 115, 1 (2014) |  Cutoff date: 31-Jul-2013 

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Q(β-)=9.81×103 keV 19S(n)= 6.32×103 keV 24S(p)= 13.63×103 keV 41Q(α)= -1163×101 keV 19
Reference: 2012WA38

General Comments:

2011Es06: Time of flight measurements performed at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory. Mass access of 69Co= -500370 210

2011Da08,2002MaZN (thesis): Produced by projectile fragmentation of 86Kr beam on 50 mg/cm2 thick Ta at 57.8 MeV/nucleon. Separated by LISE2000 spectrometer at GANIL. Detector system included a three-element Si-detector telescope containing a double-sided silicon-strip detector (DSSSD) backed by a Si(Li) detector and surrounded by four clover type EXOGAM Ge detectors. Product identified by mass, atomic number, charge, energy loss and time of flight. Measured isotopic T1/2 from timing correlation between implanted ions and β decay events. Fitting procedure included five parameters: β-detection efficiency, background rate, mother, daughter and granddaughter half-lives.

2010Ga06: Produced from inelastic scattering of secondary 64Cr beam at 87 MeV/nucleon on 9Be target using the S800 focal-plane detection at NSCL, MSU.

2005NiZZ,2004NiZY: Produced by fragmentation of 73Kr beam at 63 MeV/nucleon on a 86Kr32+ at RIKEN. Separated by RIPS spectrometer and identified with silicon and tof detectors. Preliminary results of T1/2 determined from correlations between implanted nuclei and β decay.

2003So21,2005GaZR (thesis): Produced by fragmentation of 76Ge 30+ beam on a 58Ni target at 61.8 MeV/nucleon. Nuclei separated by LISE3 achromatic spectrometer at GANIL, and identified by three consecutive Si detectors where two were used for energy loss and tof measurements while the third was used to determine their residual energies. 2005GaZR (thesis) determined T1/2 from correlations between implanted nuclei and β decay. Half-lives determined by fitting procedure involving five parameters: half-lives of mother, daughter and grand-daughter nuclei, β-efficiency and background rate.

2002Kr13: Produced from 238U(p,f) reaction at E= 30 MeV with resonant laser-ionization and mass separation at Louvain-la Neuve cyclotron facility. Production rate was 7 atoms/μC 3.

1999So20 (also 1999Le67): Produced by fragmentation of 86Kr beam on 58Ni target at 60.4 MeV/nucleon. Nuclei separated by LISE3 achromatic spectrometer at GANIL, and identified by four consecutive silicon detectors. Measured isotopic T1/2 from timing of β decay.

2001Fr21,1999Mu17: 69Co produced from 30 MeV proton induced fission reaction on 238U. Extracted selectively by resonant laser ionization and mass separator (LIGIS-LISOL) facility at Leuven. Measured βγ and γγ coincidence spectra with high purity Ge detectors and plastic scintillators. Measured T1/2 from timing of β delayed γ intensity

1999Mu17 (supersedes 1998FrZY): Produced from 238U(p,f) with two-resonant-step laser ionization and the LISOL mass separator at Louvain-la Neuve cyclotron facility. Identified by β delayed γ spectrometry. Measured isotopic T1/2 from timing of γ decay.

1994Se12: Produced by fragmentation of 58Cr beam on Th at E=800 MeV, followed by mass separation and tof isochronous spectrometer. Measured ground state mass.

1992We04: Produced by fragmentation of a 500 MeV/nucleon 86Kr beam on a Be target. Isotope identification by the fragment separator FRS at GSI in combination with tof and energy-loss measurements. α total of 190 counts were assigned to 69Co corresponding to cross section of 0.49 microbarns with an uncertainty of 50%.

1991Be33 (also 1993BeZM): Identified from 239Pu(nthermal,f) with the recoil spectrometer LOHENGRIN. Measured T1/2 from time correlations between identified fragments and the β particles.

1985Gu14: Produced by fragmentation of 86Kr beam on thick targets of Ti and Ta at 33 MeV. Separated by LISE triple focusing analyzer at GANIL. Identified through tof and ΔE-E measurements. Mass histograms of the production of neutron-rich isotopes of Co displayed shows a a peak corresponding to 69Co.

Q-value: Q(β-n)=5220 190 (2012Wa38)

Jπ(level) T1/2(level)
  0.0 (7/2-) 227 ms 11 
% β- = 100

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