Author: Balraj Singh |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 144, 297 (2017) |  Cutoff date: 25-Aug-2017 

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Q(β-)=-3450 keV SYS(n)= 6480 keV SYS(p)= 1360 keV SYQ(α)= 9500 keV 50
Reference: 2017WA10

  A  262Bh α decay (83 MS)  B  262Bh α decay (16 MS)

General Comments:

1984Og03: 258Db produced and identified in 208Bi(50Ti,n) and parent of 258Rf activity.

1985He22: 258Db produced in 208Bi(50Ti,n), and identified as parent of 254No, 254Lr, 250Fm, and 250Md through αα correlations, measured half-lives.

2001Ga20: 258Db produced in 241Am(22Ne,5n), measured half-lives

2008Ga25: 258Db produced in 208Pb(51V,n),(50Ti,n) reactions at E=4.7-5.1 MeV/nucleon, with beams of 51V (11+ charge state) and 50Ti (12+ charge state) provided by 88-Inch Cyclotron at LBNL. Separated and detected charged particles using BGS focal plane detector and a multiwire proportional counter. Measured Eα, Iα and half-life of 258Db decay using silicon implantation detectors.

2016He15: 258Db produced in 209Bi(50Ti,n),E=236 MeV, with 50Ti beam from the ECR source of the UNILAC at GSI. The Evaporation residues (ERs) were separated by the velocity filter SHIP and implanted into a position-sensitive 16-strip Si PIPS detector for detecting ERs, conversion electrons, and subsequent α-decays or spontaneous fission (SF) events. Escaped products into the backward hemisphere were detected by a box of six Si wafers. The x rays were detected by a Ge clover detector consisting of four crystals. Measured correlations between ERs, x rays, ce, α-decay and SF events. Deduced isomeric states and half-lives.

Theoretical studies: consult the NSR database at for about 40 references dealing with theoretical calculations of half-lives for different decay modes, binding energies, fission characteristics, and other nuclear structure aspects.

Q-value: Estimated uncertainties (2017Wa10): 510 for Q(β-), 370 for S(n), 310 for S(p)

Q-value: S(2n)=14840 390, S(2p)=4530 320, Q(εp)=1840 310 (syst,2017Wa10)

XREFJπ(level) T1/2(level)E(γ)
      0.0A  (5+,6+) 4.3 s 5 
% ε = 23 8
% α = 77 8
    0+X   (1-) 1.9 s 5 
% ε = 36 10
% α = 64 10
    0+Y?   20 s 10 
% ε ≈ 100
    0+Z B     
    156.5 7 A  (4:7)(-)     156.5 7 
  184+Z 50  B     
    222 20 A      
    358 30 A      
    480 20 A      
  561+Z 50  B     

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Additional Level Data and Comments:

      0.0(5+,6+) 4.3 s 5 
% ε = 23 8
% α = 77 8
ε decay to excited states including two newly-proposed isomeric states in 258Rf (2016He15).
    0+X(1-) 1.9 s 5 
% ε = 36 10
% α = 64 10
ε decay to g.s. and probable low-lying states in 258Rf (2016He15).
    0+Y 20 s 10 
% ε ≈ 100
Existence of this isomer has not been established.
E(level): Existence of this isomer has not been established.
    358   α 38.9γ observed by 2009He20 in coin with 9810α groups.
    480   α 38.9γ observed by 2009He20 in coin with 9671α groups.
  561+Z   α 102.4 5 γ observed by 2009He20 in coin with 9826α group.

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Additional Gamma Comments:

    156.5    156.5M(γ): possible E1, estimated from number of observed αγ coincidences

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