Author: C. D. Nesaraja |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 125, 395 (2015) |  Cutoff date: 31-Mar-2014 

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S(n)= 8250 keV SYS(p)= 1540 keV SYQ(α)= 8764 keV 10
Reference: 2012WA38

General Comments:

Identification and Experimental Studies:

2010An08: 247Md activity produced in the 209Bi(40Ar,2n) reaction with E(40Ar)=187 MeV at UNILAC, GSI. Evaporation residues (Er) separated with the SHIP velocity filter and implanted into a position sensitive Si strip detector. Measured Eα, Iα, Er-α(t), Er-SF(t), Eγ, Iγ using tof detectors, an array of position sensitive Si detectors, and a Ge clover detector. See also 2006An13, 2004He23

2005He27: 247Md produced via 209Bi(40Ar,2n)reaction at UNILAC, GSI with E(40Ar)=4.95 MeV/u. The residues were separated by the SHIP velocity filter and implanted on position sensitive PIPS detectors for α decay. α-γ coin were measured with a clover detector. α activity observed at 8422 10 keV.

1994HoZW: 247Md produced via 209Bi(40Ar,2n)reaction at UNILAC, GSI with E(40Ar)=4.78 MeV/u. Two fission events assigned preliminary to the g.s 247Md were observed with T1/2=0.23 s +19-12. α activity observed at 8424 keV with T1/2=1.12 s 22

1981Mu12: Discovery of 247Md from heavy ion fusion reaction 209Bi(40Ar,2n) with E(40Ar)=4.8 MeV/u from UNILAC at GSI. The residues were separated by the SHIP velocity filter and implanted on position sensitive surface barrier detectors for α decay and spontaneous fission measurement. α activity observed at 8428 keV 25.

Theoretical studies:

2010Ad19: One-quasiparticle levels for Md isotopes using the microscopic-macroscopic modified TCSM

2005Re16: Calculated spontaneous fission half lives using Swiatecki’s formula, by its generalized form, and by a new formula where the blocking effect of unpaired nucleon on the half-lives has been taken into account with different mechanisms

2004Pa40: Calculated deformation parameters and the proton one-quasiparticle states of heaviest nuclei using the macroscopic-microscopic approach

2002Du16: Calculated partial half-lives for α and cluster decays

1997Mo25: Calculated ground-state binding energy, proton and neutron pairing gaps, neutron and proton separation energies, Q values

1995Mo29, 1980Ho32: Calculated ground-state masses and nuclear ground state deformations

1993Bu09: Calculated partial α decay half-life, α branching, nuclear radius using the cluster model predictions

1985Cw01: Calculated fission barrier

1981Mo24: Calculated ground-state electric multipole moments Q2, Q4 and masses

Q-value: ΔS(n)=330, ΔS(p)=210 (syst, 2012Wa38)

Jπ(level) T1/2(level)
    0.0 (7/2-) 1.2 s 1 
% α > 99.9
% SF < 0.1
  0+X (1/2-) 0.25 s 4 
% IT = 79 5
% SF = 21 5

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Additional Level Data and Comments:


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