Authors: E. Browne, J. K. Tuli |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 112, 1833 (2011) |  Cutoff date: 1-Jan-2011 

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Q(β-)=-1.2×102 keV 6S(n)= 5.92×103 keV 6S(p)= 4.33×103 keV 6Q(α)= 6.07×103 keV 6
Reference: 2012WA38

General Comments:

Other Reactions:

232Th(14N,x), E(c.m.)=77.3 MeV, 235U(11B,X). Measured mass distribution of fission fragments (2009Gh04). Other: 2008Si17.

Nuclear structure. Theory: Calculated binding and separation energies, Q(α), half-life (2008Do12,2001Mo07).


Long-lived isomers: 1987So10

Rotational structure, configurations: 1994So16

Levels: In analogy with neighboring odd-mass nuclei one expects for Z=97 configuration=(π 3/2[521]) (from 245Bk, 247Bk, 251Bk) and for n=149 configuration=(ν 7/2[624]) (from 243Pu, 245Cm). This combination should give two states with Jπ=2- and with Jπ=5-, respectively, the latter being of lower energy (Gallagher-Moszkowski rule). Another possible configuration=(π 7/2[633]) (from 249Bk) and configuration=(ν 7/2[624]) would give 7+, 0+ states. 1987So10 predict the occurrence of 2- and 0+ states in this nuclide.

Q-value: Note: Current evaluation has used the following Q record

Jπ(level) T1/2(level)
  0.0+X 2(-) 1.80 d 2 
% ε = 100

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