Author: Khalifeh Abusaleem |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 116, 163 (2014) |  Cutoff date: 31-Dec-2012 

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Q(β-)=-2483 keV 59S(n)= 7038 keV 88S(p)= 2715 keV 53Q(α)= 7309 keV 60
Reference: 2012WA38

General Comments:

Compilations, systematics:

Level structure in odd-odd actinides: 1994So16

Assignment: 233U(50-MeV p,6n), ion chem, observation of 216Fr (from α-decay) and 212Po (from ε decay) activities (1994Kr13).

Others: 1966Ku13 report a SF activity with T1/2=60 s 5 produced by 209Bi (≈100-MeV 22Ne) and assign this activity, on theoretical grounds, as a possible precursor of an ε-delayed isomer in 228U or 227U (from 237Np parent). 1978SoZZ report T1/2=52 s 8 for this same activity produced by 209Bi(115-MeV 22Ne). Five events of α-decay are observed in 2003Ni10. The following partial half-lives are measured in 2003Ni10 following the Geiger-Nuttal curve:

Q(α)=7183, T1/2(α)=20.1 s

Q(α)=7062, T1/2(α)=88.7 s

Q(α)=7126, T1/2(α)=135.8 s

Q(α)=7177, T1/2(α)=24.3 s

Q(α)=7065, T1/2(α)=10.4 s

  0.0 61.4 s 14 
% ε = 60 7
% α = 40 7

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Additional Level Data and Comments:

  0.0 61.4 s 14 
% ε = 60 7
% α = 40 7
Other: %α=83 +17-36 (2003Ni10).

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