Authors: Balraj Singh Et Al., |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 175, 1 (2021) |  Cutoff date: 19-May-2021 

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Q(β-)=2285 keV 16S(n)= 3747 keV 16S(p)= 7820 keV 30Q(α)= 5910 keV 50
Reference: 2021WA16

  A  219Bi β- decay (22 S) 

General Comments:

1998Pf02: 219Po nuclide produced and identified in 9Be(238U,X) reaction at E(238U)=1 GeV/nucleon at GSI, FRS separator used to separate fragments of 238U beam

2015Fi07: 219Po produced in 238U(p,F),E=1.4 GeV from CERN synchrotron (PS) Booster. Target=ISOLDE UCx. Pure laser-ionized beam of 219Po is extracted from the reaction products using a Laser-Ion Source and Trap (LIST) system, which suppresses contamination from Francium activity by more than a factor of 1000. Measured Eα, Iα, half-life of 219Po activity, branching ratio for decay of 219Po

Mass measurement: 2012Ch19 (also 2008ChZI thesis): Schottky Mass Spectrometry method

2014Mo02 studied the β- decay of 219Bi to 219Po and reported energies and intensities of 12 γ rays, some observed in γγ-coin spectra, but no decay scheme could be constructed

Theoretical calculations: 14 primary references in the NSR database ( related to structure and radioactivity

Q-value: S(2n)=9345 17, S(2p)=14160 300 (syst) (2021Wa16)

Q-value: Q(α): Eα=5806 5 (2015Fi07) from α decay of 219Po, assuming this α feeds the ground state of 215Pb. 2021Wa16 assign uncertainty, assuming that the level fed by α is within 50 keV

XREFJπ(level) T1/2(level)
  0  (9/2+) 620 s 59 
% β- = 71.8 20
% α = 28.2 20

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Additional Level Data and Comments:

  0(9/2+) 620 s 59 
% β- = 71.8 20
% α = 28.2 20
Measured Eα=5806 5 from the decay of 219Po (2015Fi07).

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