Authors: C.J. Chiara and F.G. Kondev |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 111,141 (2010) |  Cutoff date: 1-Oct-2009 

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S(n)= 1.069×104 keV 9S(p)= 2118 keV 16Q(α)= 7637 keV 7
Reference: 2012WA38

General Comments:

2005Uu02: Isotope produced by 141Pr(65Cu,2n) and 170Yb(36Ar,2n) reactions; 1-mg/cm2 141Pr target and 0.5-mg/cm2 170Yb target, enriched to 70%; gas-filled recoil separator RITU, 300 μm thick segmented Si detector with a total area of 35 by 80 mm2; measured E(α), T1/2(α), E(α1)-E(α2)-E(α3)-times; observed 204Ra - 200Rn - 196Po decay chain

1995Le15,1996Le09: Isotope produced by 175Lu(35Cl,6n) and 170Yb(40Ar,6n) reactions. 320-μg/cm2 175Lu target and 360-μg/cm2 170Yb target, enriched to 72%; gas-filled recoil separator RITU, position sensitive PIPS detector; measured E(α), T1/2(α), E(α1)-E(α2)-E(α3)-times; Observed: 204Ra - 200Rn - 196Po decay chain

1995Le04: Isotope produced by 182W(28Si,6n) reaction at beam energies of 164 and 170 MeV; 1-mg/cm2 182W target, enriched to 89%; gas-filled recoil separator RITU, 60 μm-thick DSSD with 48 strips on each side, parallel-plate avalanche counter detector for mass to charge identification; measured E(α), T1/2(α), E(α1)-E(α2)-E(α3)- times; Observed: 204Ra - 200Rn - 196Po decay chain

The assignment to 204Ra by 2005Uu02, 1995Le15, 1996Le09 and 1995Le04 is based on spatial and time correlations between the implant residues and subsequent parent-daughter-grand-daughter α decays;

Q-value: Note: Current evaluation has used the following Q record

Jπ(level) T1/2(level)
  0 0+ 57 ms +11-5 
% α ≈ 100

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Additional Level Data and Comments:

  00+ 57 ms +11-5 
% α ≈ 100
E(α)=7486 keV 8 (2005Uu02), 7484 keV 10 (1996Le09), 7488 keV 12 (1995Le04). Other: 7488 keV 25 (1995Le15).

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