Author: N. Nica |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 160, 1 (2019) |  Cutoff date: 21-Oct-2019 

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S(p)= -1453 keV 15Q(α)= 3755 keV 424
S(2p)= 133 keV 15Q(EC)= 10242 keV 423Q(ECp)= 8498 keV 359
Reference: 2017WA10

General Comments:

The data given here are from the study of 2007Pa27. In an earlier study, 1999Uu01 report T1/2 and E(p) values for the 155Ta decay. However, 2007Pa27 do not confirm them; and they are not included here. However, they are included in a survey of proton-emitting nuclides by 2002So02 and in a theoretical study of Lu and Ta proton emitters by 1999La23.

155Ta: produced as the α-decay product of 159Re, which was produced in the 106Cd(58Ni,p4n) reaction, with E(58Ni)=300 MeV, on a 1.1 mg/cm2thick self-supporting 106Cd target (enrichment=96.5%). Reaction products were separated using the gas-filled separator RITU and implanted into a DSSD device in the GREAT spectrometer. Measured α, protons, and temporal correlations between the implanted recoil nuclides and their subsequent decays.

Jπ(level) T1/2(level)
  0+X 11/2- 2.9 ms +15-11 
% p = 100

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Additional Level Data and Comments:


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