Authors: Balraj Singh and Jun Chen |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 185, 2 (2022) |  Cutoff date: 23-Aug-2022 

 Full ENSDF file | Adopted Levels (PDF version) 

S(n)= 11170 keV SYS(p)= 1850 keV SYQ(α)= 3490 keV SY
Reference: 2021WA16

  A  150Lu p decay (45 MS)  B  150Lu p decay (43 μs)

General Comments:

Assignment is from 150Lu proton decay studied by 2003Gi10, 2003Ro21, 2000Gi01, 1993Se04 and 1993Wo03. 2001Xu06 produced 149Yb in 112Sn(40Ca,3n) reaction at E=232 MeV and studied proton-γ coin. See also 2005Xu04 and 2006Xu07 from the same group as 2001Xu06, for some analysis of data.

Theoretical studies: consult the NSR database at for two references for structure and one for radioactive decay listed under ’document records’ which can be accessed through web retrieval of the ENSDF database at

Q-value: Estimated uncertainties (2021Wa16): ΔS(n)=500, ΔS(p)=300, ΔQ(α)=360.

Q-value: Q(ε)=10610 360, Q(εp)=10860 300, S(2p)=1300 300 (syst,2021Wa16). S(2n)=24870 (2019Mo01, theory)

XREFJπ(level) T1/2(level)
  0AB (1/2+) 0.7 s 2 
% ε = 100
% εp > 0

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Additional Level Data and Comments:


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