Authors: Yu. Khazov, A. Rodionov and G. Shulyak |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 136, 163 (2016) |  Cutoff date: 14-Jul-2016 

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Q(β-)=-6916 keV 9S(n)= 10189 keV 10S(p)= 285 keV 9Q(α)= 2.9×103 keV 7
Reference: 2012Wa38

General Comments:

Produced and identified by 1982Gu07; irradiation of 90Zr and 91Zr targets with 233 and 250 MeV 58Ni beams.

The ε decay of 146Ho has been studied in 1981NoZY and 1982Gu07.

The precursor 146Ho was identified by coincidence between β-delayed protons and X-rays or γ rays. Coincidences of γ rays (Dy) and the delayed protons (E(p)=2.4-6.3 MeV, T1/2=3.1 s 4) were measured by 1986Wi15 (see also 1986ToZV,1988NiZX,1988ToZW); 640 keV and 906 keV γ’s, coincident with the delayed protons (E(p)=2.2-6.5 MeV, T1/2=2.8 s 5), were measured in 2010Ma37, 2011MaZL.

Q-value: Q(εp)=7.77×103 10 (2012Wa38)

Jπ(level) T1/2(level)
  0.0+X (6-) 3.32 s 22 
% ε < 100
% εp = ?

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Additional Level Data and Comments:


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