Author: S. Ohya |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 111, 1619 (2010) |  Cutoff date: 20-Jan-2009 

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Q(β-)=8220 keV 13S(n)= 3973 keV 4S(p)= 1.466×104 keV SYQ(α)= -9.1×103 keV 6
Reference: 2012WA38

  A  121Pd IT decay 

General Comments:

2006Mo07: 121Pd produced and identified in 9Be(136Xe,X) reaction at E(136Xe)=121.8 MeV/nucleon. fragment separator, Si(PIN) detectors , Si strip detectors, single-sided Si strip detectors; Implantation and decay events were time stamped and correlated; measured half-life from β spectrum.

2007To23; 9Be(136Xe,X) E(136Xe)=120 MeV/nucleon; fragment separator; Si(PIN), Si strip and single-sided Si strip detectors ; measured 135 keV γ from a isomer; no information is given on half-life

1997So07; 208Pb(238U,X) E=20 MeV/nucleon; fragment separator, tof, position sensitive detector; measured yield; no information is given on decay properties.

1998Do08: 208Pb(238U,X) E=750 MeV/nucleon; fragment separator, tof; measured yield; no information is given on decay properties.

2004Ge18: 208Pb(238U,X) ,209Bi(238U,X); fragment separator, tof, Schottky mass separator; measured mass; no information is given on decay properties.

Q-value: Note: Current evaluation has used the following Q record

Q-value: ΔQ(β-)=503, ΔS(n)=513, ΔS(p)=780, ΔQ(α)=861 (syst,2009AuZZ)

Q-value: Q(β-n)=1321 503 (syst,2009AuZZ)

XREF T1/2(level)E(γ)
    0  285 ms 24 
% β- = 100
% β-n ≤ 0.8
  135?A     135

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Additional Level Data and Comments:


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Additional Gamma Comments:

  135  135E(γ): from 2007To23

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