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KEK Annual report 2014, Vol.1, p.1-32 (2015)

A.Maki, K.Enami, J.Fujimoto, T.Ishida, K.Iwano, Y.Iwasaki, M.Kawasaki, E.Kikutani, T.Okugi, Y.Sakamura, A.Yagishita, T.Yokoo

Nuclear spin sheds light on the grape-like structure of 9Be

RADIOACTIVITY 9Li(β-); measured spin-polarized 9Li β-decay, En using ToF, In(t), nβ-coin; deduced J, π, β-decay asymmetry vs neutron ToF, 9Li decay scheme. Spin and parity found consistent to published theoretical calculations.Probability of each possible α-cluster structure can be evaluated.

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