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NSR Reference Paper NIM A 640, 213 (2011)
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Proc.Intern.Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos XI, July 19-23 2010, Heidelberg, Germany, p.16 (2010)

O.S.Kirsebom, M.Alcorta, M.J.G.Borge, J.Buscher, S.Fox, B.Fulton, H.O.U.Fynbo, H.Hultgren, A.Jokinen, B.Jonson, H.Knudsen, A.Laird, M.Madurga, I.Moore, G.Nyman, R.Raabe, K.Riisager, A.Saastamoinen, O.Tengblad, J.Aysto

The 8B neutrino spectrum

RADIOACTIVITY 8B(β+); measured Eα, Eα, αα-coin; deduced relative null σ(E).

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