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KEK Preprint 2001-18 (2001)

H.Miyatake, H.Ueno, Y.Yamamoto, N.Aoi, K.Asahi, E.Ideguchi, M.Ishihara, H.Izumi, T.Kishida, T.Kubo, S.Mitsuoka, Y.Mizoi, M.Notani, H.Ogawa, A.Ozawa, M.Sasaki, T.Shimoda, T.Shirakura, N.Takahashi, S.Tanimoto, K.Yoneda

Spin-Parity Assignments in 15C* by a New Method - β-Delayed Spectroscopy for a Spin-Polarized Nucleus

RADIOACTIVITY 15B(β-), (β-n) [from 9Be(22Ne, X)]; measured Iβ(θ), β-delayed neutron spectra from polarized source. 15C levels deduced J.

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