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Proc. 5th Int.Conf.Nuclei Far from Stability, Rosseau Lake, Canada 1987, Ed., I.S.Towner, p.344 (1988)

J.P.Dufour, R.Del Moral, F.Hubert, D.Jean, M.S.Pravikoff, A.Fleury, H.Delagrange, A.C.Mueller, K.-H.Schmidt, E.Hanelt, K.Summerer, J.Frehaut, M.Beau, G.Giraudet

Spectroscopic Measurements with a New Method: The projectile-fragments isotopic separation

RADIOACTIVITY 17C, 19,20N, 22O, 23,24F, 25,26Ne, 27Na, 30Mg, 32,33,34,35Al, 34,35,36,37Si, 36,37,38P, 40S(β-) [from 9Be(40Ar, X), E=60 MeV/nucleon]; measured Eγ, T1/2, production rates. 26Ne, 35Si, 36P(β-); measured Eγ, Iγ. 26Na, 35P, 36S; deduced levels, J, π, β-branching, logft. 17,18,19C, 17B, 14Be(β-n)[from Be, Ta(22Na, X), E=60 MeV/nucleon]; measured β--delayed 1n, 2n, 3n and 4n emission, associated multiplicity, T1/2 for 14Be, 17B and 19C; deduced evidence for beta-delayed 4n-decay mode. Comparison with shell model calculations. LISE spectrometer at GANIL.

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