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Z.Phys. A319, 237 (1984)

J.P.Dufour, S.Beraud-Sudreau, R.Del Moral, H.Emmermann, A.Fleury, F.Hubert, C.Poinot, M.Pravikoff, J.Frehaut, M.Beau, A.Bertin, G.Giraudet, A.Huck, G.Klotz, C.Miehe, C.Richard-Serre, H.Delagrange

Beta-Delayed Neutron Radioactivity of 15B

RADIOACTIVITY 15B(β-n) [from 12C(18O, X), E=84 MeV/nucleon]; measured T1/2, zero-, two-neutron emission probability limits. 12Be(β-) [from 12C(18O, X), E=84 MeV/nucleon]; measured T1/2.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(18O, X)15B/12Be, E=84 MeV/nucleon; measured residual production rate. Activation technique.

doi: 10.1007/BF01415639

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