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AECL-6692 (1980)

A.R.Rutledge, L.V.Smith, J.S.Merritt

Decay Data for Radionuclides used for the Calibration of X- and γ-Ray Spectrometers

COMPILATION 7Be, 18F, 22,24Na, 42K, 46Sc, 51Cr, 54,56Mn, 60Co, 64Cu, 65Ni, 82Br, 85Sr, 95Nb, 99mTc, 109Pd, 113m,115mIn, 113Sn, 133Xe, 133,137mBa, 134,134m,137Cs, 139,141Ce, 169Yb, 198Au, 203Hg, 233Pa; compiled T1/2. 7Be, 42K, 65Ni, 75Se, 85Kr, 99mTc, 113m,115mIn, 137Cs, 139,141Ce; compiled γ-emission probabilities. 4πγ ionization chamber, 4πβ-γ coincidence measurements.

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